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The Cat Language Bible helps you translate from cat to human, based on different verbal and nonverbal cues your cat gives you.

The Cat Language Bible Review

If you own a cat then you know how special they, and you also know how annoying they can be when they just meow at you incessantly and expect you to understand. You try feeding them and they don’t respond; you try playing with them and they just sit there; you try petting them and they just scratch at you. If you’ve ever wanted to attain a deeper connection with your cat and truly understand what they want then you want the Cat Language Bible by Animal Behavior Specialist and animal researcher Jonas Jurgella.

Strange as it may sound a lot of research has been done in Japan to understand the relationship between humans and animals and the way that animals communicate. The research has had some very promising results. Did you know, for example, that cats will only meow at humans? If you put two cats together they communicate without meowing at all. Cats recognise human speech and respond with meows; their own way of communicating with humans. But because cats can only create around 20 different sounds they have to rely on body language as well. This means they also respond to human body language. Knowing all the different sounds and movements a cat can make and what they mean allows you to have conversations with your cat. It would be like having a conversation with a toddler but it would be a conversation nonetheless. You can find out what your cat wants, provide it, and even talk back to them with the Cat Language Bible.

The Cat Language Bible gives you the tools to translate from cat to human. It’s got information on the different verbal and nonverbal cues your cat will give you; all of the thoughts, feelings, and even phrases that your cat is communicating through their body language and meowing/purring. Communication is a two-way street which is why the Cat Language Bible teaches you how to “speak” cat yourself.

Vocal infection is an important part of the communication process, but so are specific words. Cats are able to recognise and respond to certain words. You’ll learn just what you cat thinks about their home, their needs, and even their human; you. Cats are much better thinkers than other animals and they have a wide range of emotions. Understanding your cat is the best way to understanding their needs and providing them with what they want.

Jonas Jurgella’s The Cat Language Bible comes with a whole host of free goodies, starting out with the Cat Care Guide. With this guide you’ll learn how to truly show your cat how much you love and care about them and how to provide them with the food, support, and fun they really want because you’ll be able to understand them. The second guide is about training your cat. It’s true that cats are difficult to train but it is possible. You just need to know what you’re doing and how your cat is responding. The third bonus is your full guide to cat nutrition. You’ll learn just what you need to feed them to ensure they live long and prosper. Proper nutrition is important to the health and longevity of every animal and cats are no different.

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