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Infatuation Scripts is designed to trigger the infatuation instinct of a man, making him think and feel about you in such a way infatuated with you.

Infatuation Scripts Review

There are two things that go into hooking a man; saying and doing the right things, and not saying or doing the wrong things. Changing the way that men respond to you involves stopping yourself from doing the things that make men feel pressured and instead turning on their infatuation instincts. The Infatuation Scripts program by Clayton Max is just the tool every women looking to learn just how to talk with men.

What is Infatuation Scripts?

The Infatuation scripts program is designed to trigger the infatuation instinct of a man. To put it simply, it actually alters his brain chemistry and releases enjoyable and intoxicating chemicals in his brain when he thinks about you. It essentially makes him think and feel about you in such a way that he’ll feel completely and utterly infatuated with you. At least, that’s the idea behind the program.

The Infatuation Scripts

The Infatuation Scripts themselves are split into three key groups. Follow along with a script at a certain point in the relationship to trigger the next infatuation trigger and move the relationship forward at your own pace.

  • Curiosity Scripts – Every good relationship begins with curiosity. When a man is curious about a woman, it makes him want to know everything about them. It forces him to approach them and talk to them. These triggers turn the eyes of the man towards you and make him want to learn everything there is to know about you.
  • Investment Scripts – After a man learns more about you, you need to make him invested in you and your relationship. These investment scripts make the man want to work harder for you and your relationship. They are designed to make him want to do everything he can to ensure you have a smooth and successful relationship.
  • Uncertainty Scripts – Even after getting close to a man there are times they feel uncertain. Or perhaps you’re the one left feeling uncertain. Both way, these uncertainty scripts can remedy the issue on both sides and help the man feel like he can really be himself with you and let go of his self-restraint.

What Does The Infatuation Scripts Teach You?

There are a lot of important lessons to be found in this book, on top of the infatuation scripts themselves of course. Women also learn how important it is to communicate and compromise in a relationship, along with the importance of loving yourself above all others. Remember that no one can love you unless you love yourself, and not loving yourself leaves you open to being mistreated.

You’ll also learn the 10 most cringeworthy mistakes women tend to make. These mistakes can do a lot of damage to your relationship and ruin your chances of getting with the man you want. Learn what you’re doing wrong and then – of course – stop doing it!

Clayton Max writes about Infatuation bullets that can change the way that you look at love and affection as a whole. These little bullets go a long way. Understanding more about the process of love, affection, and infatuation helps you understand more about how – and why – the Infatuation Scripts work.

Infatuation Scripts is a great relationship program for helping women attract the men they want and avoid the men they don’t. Women learn more about what men want, and how they can give it to them. As well as this, they learn what men don’t want and learn how to avoid it. The program comes with a complete money-back guarantee that ensures you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with any aspect of the program – or the results you get from it.

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