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HypersTech CoolAir is a personal portable air conditioning system that runs from USB power.

CoolAir Review

Anyone who lives in a hot and humid environment understands the relief that comes with turning on a fan. Just having that breeze of fresh cool air blast you feels incredible. The problem is that they use the same hot air that has been bothering you. Once you turn it off you’re left with the same hot air. If you want better relief from the heat, what you need is an air cooler like CoolAir from HypersTech.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is much more than a fan. It’s more like a personal portable air conditioning system. What’s so great about it is that it runs from USB power. It fits neatly into any home or office and it doesn’t take up a lot of power. It’s not like an AC, which can be expensive to run for too long. It’s also super simple to use and makes for a great present for anyone in your life.

How Does CoolAir Work?

CoolAir is designed to be powered by connecting to a USB port. There is a small tank built into the device that you fill with water. This is what allows CoolAir to work as a humidifier and purify the air around you, as well as keeping you cool. The fan is powered by a motor and it even has an extra LED mood lighting feature.

  1. Start by opening the door on the device
  2. Add water or ice to the tank
  3. Connect the CoolAir to a power supply
  4. Turn it off manually or let the anhydrous automatic power off prevent it from running too long

CoolAir Features

The CoolAir comes with a lot of great qualities and features that make it the ideal choice as an air cooler and humidifier that can be used as and when needed. Some of the main features of the fan are;

  • It is super easy to operate and power thanks to the USB connection – connect it to your computer or even to a mobile phone charger!
  • The water tank is simple to open up and fill and each refill lasts for around eight hours
  • The HypersTech CoolAir comes with a whisper-quiet fan and two different speed options for quiet cooling. Another downside of big systems like air conditioners is that they can make a lot of noise.
  • It comes with built-in mood lighting options with seven different options to get the right lighting for you
  • It comes with a sleek and compact design that can fit into just about any space including a coffee table, nightstand, or desk. It basically fits wherever you need it to go.
  • The CoolAir is ultra-portable. You can take it with you wherever you go, including when traveling. There’s no need to leave the cool air behind.


The HypersTech CoolAir is much more than just a fan. It works to purify and clean air as well as cool it. Get relief from the heat and humidity and breath cleaner and purer air with this handy, portable, USB-powered gadget.

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