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The Hurricane Method helps you quickly write your next book as if your pen was powered by a hurricane itself and smash through writers block.

The Hurricane Method Review

They say that everyone has at least one great story in them. Some people have more. What every writer has in common, though, is knowing how difficult it can be to write sometimes. One of the biggest problems with writing is not having the words to tell the story you’ve always dreamed of writing. Master the writing process with a little help from Lindsay Lake and the Hurricane Method.

What is the Hurricane Method?

The Hurricane Method is a guide to writing a book that can help any writer, at any level. While newbies will get the most out of the book, it can still be used by published authors looking to take their writing to the next level. It’s a guide that can get you writing a book even if you’ve never written one before in your life. Use the Hurricane Method to quickly write your next book as if your pen was powered by a hurricane itself and smash through writers block.

Key Parts of the Hurricane Method

  • Clarity Momentum Formula – Any writer can suffer from writer’s block at any given moment. Even the pros with dozens of books to their name can suddenly find themselves unsure of where to go next. While there are many methods out there for overcoming writers block, not all of them are effective. The Hurricane Method shows you how to really overcome writer’s block and get back to writing your magnum opus.
  • Fruition Tree – Every good story begins with an outline. Unfortunately, too many authors mess up their outline and it can hamper the quality of the entire project. Lindsay created what she called the Fruition Tree, which is designed to help writers come up with superb outlines. It also helps one write their outline quickly, speeding up the writing process.
  • Addiction Seed – Every good story needs to be engrossing. Even the best story in the world is nothing if you don’t do a good job telling it. The Addiction Seed section of the book helps you take your good story and make it an engrossing one that your readers won’t be able to put down.
  • Character Design Technique – No good story is complete without good characters of course. You need interesting and unique characters that people can connect to. What would Harry Potter be without Harry Potter? What would A Song of Ice and Fire (that’s Game of Thrones) be without the cast of characters? Nothing. That’s what. Follow the Character Design Technique to create truly amazing characters.

This is only some of what you can expect to get from the Hurricane Method. It truly is a writer’s best friend. Lindsay also includes some free goodies you can use to take your writing even further and make money from it; the dream of every author.

Gifts and Guarantees

The first free gift with The Hurricane Method is an audiobook version of the entire guide. Listen to it at your leisure; perhaps even while writing! You also receive a guide on writing romance in particular, called Sensual Storytelling. The Hurricane Method can be used for any genre, so don’t worry about needing guides to all the other genres. The third gift is a guide on making money through Kindle Self-Publishing, while the fourth gift is a guide on creating characters that goes into more depth. All of this and more comes protected by a money-back guarantee as well. If you aren’t satisfied, then you’re more than welcome to claim a refund and move on to something else.

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