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Human Longevity Project is a 7-part documentary series that looks at the environmental, psychological, and lifestyle aspects of aging healthily.

Human Longevity Project Review

Humans are amazing creatures. We can adapt and survive in just about any situation. Some people are able to live to be in their 80s, 90s, and even over a hundred years old. What if there was a way to talk to these people and find out their secrets, and unlock the secrets of human longevity for yourself? That’s what the Human Longevity Project by Jason Prall is all about.

What is the Human Longevity Project Film?

The Human Longevity Project is a 7-part documentary series that looks at the environmental, psychological, and lifestyle aspects of chronic disease and aging healthily. It aims to uncover the truth of living a long and happy life in modern society. It includes interviews from physicians, scientists, and health experts from around the world, as well as interviews with elders from the “Blue Zone”; the healthiest parts of the world. It aims to re-examine the daily practices and routines of humans with scientific scrutiny. We live in a world where people in industrialized societies are seeing a drop in their environment, health, and overall quality of life. The Human Longevity Project is packed full of information on how to reverse these trends and improve our health and the health of our environment.

What do you Get with the Human Longevity Project?

The Human Longevity Film has gathered vital information about the symptoms and causes of health conditions and chronic diseases. That information can help you to avoid these conditions and live a better life. All of the information come from the most important health experts, doctors, and scientists in the world; as well as a collection of some of the oldest people alive today. These interviews are delivered in a digital format. For a little more, you can receive physical copies of the information included in the Human Longevity Plan.

Invest in the Human Longevity Project to get access to all of the episodes of the series. You’ll receive transcripts of the interviews with the experts and a complete Longevity Project Action Plan. The action plan is an ebook that distils all of the knowledge from the experts and elders into a blueprint that you can put into action to boost your health. It details changes that you can make as soon as possible to incorporate the lifestyle factors Jason and his team discovered as they travelled the world.

One interesting thing about the Human Longevity Plan is that Jason invests a portion of the proceeds to charities helping the less fortunate around the world. You’ll be taking steps to improve not just your health, but the health of others around the world.


Think of how much you could learn if you were to talk to the best health experts and the oldest people in the world. Jason has done the hard work and talked to everyone for you, and has compiled his findings in the Human Longevity Project. This documentary series explores the secrets to living a long and happy life and the information certainly goes a long way to improving your own quality of life.

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