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Hip Flexibility Solution guides you through six routines that can really loosen up your hips and keep you flexible.

Hip Flexibility Solutions Overview

Eric Wong is a strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes and if there’s one thing he knows it’s the human body. He knows that stretching can do more harm than good and that doing the wrong kind of stretch at the wrong time could lead to injury. The major problem? Static stretching.

With his 3D Flexibility System Eric Wong promises to improve the flexibility of your hips and tighten them. There are three key benefits to following the 3D Flexibility System. The first is that it takes you a lot less time to get warm and loose in the gym or playing a sport. The second is that following the program can help you gain strength even if you aren’t hitting the gym as much as you should. The third is, of course, heightened flexibility that allows you to move with more fluidity than you ever thought you could before.

The reason that static stretching isn’t as effective as you think for flexibility is because muscles aren’t the be all and end all of tight muscles. The real problem is the joint capsule and static stretches don’t affect these joint capsules meaning they just don’t work. The 3D Flexibility System does address the joint capsule and keeps your hips loose and limber. There are actually nine factors to flexibility and 3D Flexibility Solution addresses all 9.

The Hip Flexibility Solution Program is filled with tons of information. It tells you the five biggest mistakes that are stopping you from reaching the peak of flexibility. It also shows you how you can adapt a stretch so that it affects the joint capsule giving you the best results. You also learn the reasons that your muscles tighten up in the first place so that you can avoid them in the future and stay limber.

The Hip Flexibility Solution guides you through six routines that can really loosen up your hips and keep you flexible. When you fully master the routines they only take around 20 minutes to do and they’re all provided in a step by step format you can follow easily.

The program includes the master manual which has all the information you need along with the technique manual. The technique manual shows you how and when you should use the routines to get the best out of them. The exercises are laid out in a simple to follow format so you can stick to the proper form and achieve the best results.

All the exercises also come with digital videos and downloads you can follow along so you can be sure that you’re definitely doing it properly. Eric will guide you through the exercises to give you the best results.

Hip Flexibility Solution can help you out with bad hips, knees, and back pain too. Stretching properly can help loosen up your joints and relieve pain. While it is mostly an exercise program this is a nice little additional benefit. If you’re really not satisfied with the results you see (or rather don’t) then you’re welcome to claim a discount within 60 days.

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