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Heartburn No More claims to cure your acid reflux in the next 48 hours, permanently eliminating the root cause of acid reflux within 30-60 days

Heartburn No More Book Review

Acid reflux is like having a continuous, chronic, never-ending hiccups session inside your stomach. It disrupts your enjoyment of everything; work, sleep, sex…and the only treatments that exist do not really treat it at all, but only mask your symptoms:

  • Burning pain or discomfort that moves up from your stomach to chest
  • Regurgitation or sensation of acid backing up into your throat
  • Stomach discomfort, burping, bloating or nausea after eating
  • Upper abdominal pain
  • Bitter or sour taste in the mouth
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Wheezing or asthma-like symptoms

Jeff Martin, a certified nutrition specialist, health consultant, medical researcher, author of the Heartburn No More book and former acid-reflex sufferer since the age of 31, has for 11 years helped over 154,000 men and women in over 150 countries to permanently banish acid reflux and other digestive disorders.

Jeff tried it all: antacids, foaming agents, H2 blockers, proton-pump inhibitors…

But after a long arduous work of study he has found that the best acid reflux treatment is no treatment at all, at least not in any conventional sense.

The problem is that if you focus on the immediate symptoms, using conventional treatments, you’ll temporary decrease esophagus inflammation, stomach acidity, and burning sensation…but this solution leaves you open to life-long dependency on expensive chemicals, which is exactly what the big pharmaceutical companies want – a life-long customer.

Jeff learned the following key lessons from his long experience with acid reflux:

  1. Acid reflux drugs will make your acid reflux worse because they are focused on alleviating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause. Not to mention that all of them have long-term devastating side effects.
  2. Kitchen products like herbs, over-the-counter antacids and special chewing gums will not cure your reflux acid.
  3. Diet alone cannot heal acid reflux, although the wrong diet can significantly exasperate as it reduces the effectiveness of your body’s toxin elimination mechanisms and immune response. Dairy products along with sugars are some of the worst foods to eat while having acid reflux. On the other hand, friendly foods can help balance acid alkaline levels, eliminate toxins, boost immunity and heal acid reflux. With that being said, acid reflux is caused by too many factors to be treated by diet alone.
  4. Acid reflux is just a symptom of the inner imbalance of your body. Ignoring these symptoms, or masking them with drugs, can only prolong and exasperate the problem, and even create new complications.
  5. Acid reflux is caused by the disruption of your inner balance: over-acidity, sluggish indigestion, Candida overgrowth, toxin build-up, and life style factors such as poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep and obesity. This is why reducing stomach acid or esophageal inflammation alone cannot cure this condition.

Only a comprehensive holistic program like the Heartburn No More that tackles those multiple factors can be effective in completely eliminating this condition for good.

Best-selling program Heartburn No More is the only such book that guarantees to conclusively treat your acid reflux, clinically tested and proven to work on over 154,000 people, for all types of acid reflux.

In the process, you will also achieve lasting freedom from most digestive disorders and save thousands of dollars on medical expenses.

By following this Heartburn No More book you get to cure your acid reflux in the next 48 hours, permanently eliminate the root cause of acid reflux within 30-60 days, and get rid of chest pain, burning sensation, burping, belching, and flatulence from your life.

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