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HCL Breakthrough restores stomach acidity to regular levels, allowing you to eliminate bad bacteria and properly digest carbs.

HCL Breakthrough Review

Anyone that suffers from a so-called “digestive discomfort” knows that “discomfort” is putting it lightly. They can be painful and drastically impair your quality of life. Doctors can prescribe medication for it but sometimes even that feels ineffective. Bioptimizers created HCL Breakthrough to naturally treat digestive disorders effectively and safely.

How Does HCL Breakthrough Work?

People are typically prescribed antacids and PPIs for their digestive problems such as GERD and heartburn. This is done without measuring the amount of stomach acid a patient has though, and the problem is generally caused by having too little, and not too much. The stomach is unable to properly break down carbohydrates without enough stomach acid, which allows for bacteria to breed in the gut and cause gas.

Taking a PPI to supress stomach acid only makes the problem worse. HCL Breakthrough contains betaine HCI, which is the main ingredient of stomach acid. This restores stomach acidity to regular levels, allowing you to eliminate bad bacteria and properly digest carbs. It’s a 100% natural supplement derived from plants that claims to reduce the need for prescription medications and antacids. It works because most of the time digestive problems are caused by having too little stomach acid rather than too much. It tackles the root cause of the issue rather than focusing on treating the symptoms.

HCL Breakthrough Benefits

  • Treat digestive issues – Given that most digestive problems are actually caused by having too little stomach acid, this supplement becomes an effective choice for treating them. Having too little stomach acid means that food isn’t properly digested and broken down. This makes it easy for bad bacteria to multiply and cause problems such as gas, bloating, constipation, etc. This supplement improves stomach acidity, which provides relief for these problems.
  • Strengthen the Digestive System – HCL Breakthrough allows your body to efficiently break down the foods you eat again. That should leave you with less discomfort and allow you to go back to eating the foods that you love.
  • Boost Metabolic Rate – Because having a healthy digestive system boosts the amount of calories the body needs to function properly the supplement can boost metabolic rate. Having an increased metabolic rate can help boost weight loss and prevent other health issues.
  • Boost General Health – The digestive system plays a key role in keeping the body as a whole healthy. It is needed to give cells around the body the nutrients they need to work properly. So if the digestive system isn’t working properly, it means the body as a whole isn’t either.


The science behind HCL Breakthrough certainly seems promising. Everyone knows that the best way to treat a problem is to treat the root cause and not the symptoms. Medication will only treat the symptoms of digestive problems, while HCL Breakthrough aims to tackle the root cause itself; the problem of having too little stomach acid. It does this effectively to return your digestive system to normal and boost your overall health in the process.

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