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The Half Day Diet is an augmented version of the low carb diet that delivers even better results in various health benefits including efficient weight loss.

Half Day Diet Review

Low carb diets have definitely earned their reputation as the most effective diets around, with even many health benefits such as preventing diabetes due to avoidance of processed foods, grains and sugar.

But have you also heard of a low-carb flue, a transitionary period from normal dieting to low carb where you feel exhausted, foggy, and irritable for no discernable reason?

Some people outright give up when encountering this obstacle, as your body switches to using fats as energy reserve instead of carbs. In fact, the transition and sacrifice of most common foods proves to be more than most people can handle, only 2% persevere with these kind of diets.

Fortunately, there is not only a scientifically proven way around it but also an augmented version of the low carb diet that delivers even better results – The Half Day Diet.

Recent scientific research shows that you only need to implement low carb diet for a specific time period during the day to get the full benefits, without the side effects and without eliminating your favorite foods from the menu.

So, what exactly is the underlying mechanism for your body’s craving for carbs?

Researches at MIT have identified this process as LH-VTA loop, or Carb-Loop. In short, by exploiting this part of the brain it is possible to have the cake and eat it too, in other words, your carb intake should be arranged strategically at the right time in order to leave the carb-loop and eliminate cravings, and then speed up the weight loss by dieting for only half a day.

A decisive demonstration of such approach had been made in 2011, a study published in Obesity, a peer reviewed journal. The study was set up with two groups who ate the same amount of carbs, protein, fat and calories. One group ate their carbs normally, spreading them out during the day, while the second one only ate carbs during the night.

Nate Miyaki, experienced fitness trainer with his own coaching practice in San Francisco, perfected this method of fooling your body into “thinking” it’s on a low carb diet, when in reality you eat all your favorite carb-containing foods while still getting the benefits of a low carb dieting without its negative side effects.

Half Day Diet works for all ages and sizes no matter your current level of fitness, and it consists of three organizational pillars:

  1. MACRO-OPTIMIZATION – Depending on how much weight you are setting to lose determines the manner in which your macro nutrients are optimized – carbs, fats and protein. It sounds complicated, but with templates you will get it will be quite easy to implement.
  2. CUSTOMIZATION – Every person is different, with their own life style and diet choices, so it stands to reason that any newly introduced diet system must be fully customizable. You will feel like you have your own nutrition coach at your side with this program.
  3. EVOLUTION – As you begin to shed excess weight, your nutritional requirements will change. This is where most other diets get it wrong, by staying static. With another set of templates at your disposal you will your diet will always keep up the pace with your results.

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