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Grow Extra Inches aims to stimulate the brain to send special hormones which allows penis to grow further.

What exactly is Grow Extra Inches?

Grow Extra Inches is a natural supplement made from fourteen natural foods and herbs. This product is backed up by a study conducted by Professor Jan-Bart Boksens. It claims to help you live the life that you’ve always wanted.

How does Grow Extra Inches Work?

Vitamin B3 and E may help the penis’s tissue hyper-expand, as well as, strengthens the cartilage to keep it erect. Grow Extra Inches also seeks to oxygenate the inner part of the penis.

More importantly, Grow Extra Inches aims to stimulate the brain to send special hormones to the penis which allows it to grow further. In addition to that, it also repairs testicular damage and even fights andropause.

Grow Extra Inches ingredients

Grow Extra Inches comprises multiple foods and herbs. Most of these ingredients come from rural and far flung places such as Venezuela, Ghana, Ecuador, and Colombia. Here are some of the ingredients:

  • Entengo
  • Mkongoraa
  • Damiana Aphrodisiaca
  • Liriosma Ovata

Money Back Guarantee

Grow Extra Inches’s perk is not only being backed by Professor Jan-Bart Boksens’s research, it also offers a money back guarantee to its loyal customers!

If you’re not satisfied with the product’s result at the end of 60 days, and then you will get a refund.

Jan-Bart Boksens’ Grow Extra Inches Discount

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