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Gluconite is a metabolism and sleep support supplement based on the findings of Dr. Andros.

Gluconite Review

Made from natural ingredients, Gluconite is a powder drink mix that helps promote your body’s health in multiple areas.

All it takes is adding a scoop of Gluconite to a glass of water and drinking it one hour before bed to start helping your body function better and for you to begin feeling healthier.

About Paul Sanders and Dr. Andros

The idea for Gluconite came from Paul Sanders, an average person who was struggling with diabetes. He met Dr. Andros Alexopoulos from Ikaria, Greece, at a hospital and discussed the benefits of the Ikarian diet that underpins Gluconite.

Paul worked with David Westerly to find an FDA approved facility to produce Gluconite.

What Can Gluconite Do for You?

Gluconite’s formula is designed to pack a ton of benefits into every serving. While taking it, it’s possible for you to experience the following:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Healthier Blood Sugar Levels
  • More Active Metabolism
  • Increased Energy
  • Decreased Food Cravings
  • Weight Loss

That’s a lot of return value for just mixing a spoonful of the powder into a glass of water.

What Are the Ingredients?

Knowing what you put into your body helps ensure you get the quality you deserve. Gluconite consists of natural ingredients that, according to Dr. Andros, have been found to correlate with health improvements in the Ikarian people who take them regularly.

  • Hibiscus – provides energy and weight loss support. It can also help with metabolism.
  • Chromium – can lower hunger and food cravings while healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Passionflower – increases your metabolism and supports healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
  • Chamomile – helps with sleep and blood sugar levels as well as containing antioxidants.
  • White Willow Bark – promotes a healthy heart and kidneys.
  • Hops – good for quality, deep sleep and metabolism.
  • Stevia Leaf – not only adds sweetness, it also supports healthy cholesterol, and glucose levels.

Money Back Guarantee

Your order of Gluconite comes with a 180 day money-back guarantee backed by Paul Sanders and David Westerly. This way you have time to truly discover if the product works for you without feeling rushed. Try it out. If it’s not for you, simply return it for a refund within 180 days.

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