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Fusion Handles give anyone the ability to perform an ankle breaker and improve their basketball skills, conceived by Larry 'The Bone Collector' Williams.

Fusion Handles Review

Every basketball player dreams of having incredible skills like an ankle breaking crossover. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and something only the best can do. The ankle breaker is a skill that leaves the defender no choice but to fall flat on their backside and wonder what went wrong. Fusion Handles aim to give anyone the ability to perform an ankle breaker and improve their basketball skills.

If you’ve spent countless hours practicing your skills and getting nowhere then it’s about time that you tried something different. You owe it to yourself to do something different. The definition of insanity, after all, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Not getting the results you want from training doesn’t mean that you suck, it means that your practice methods suck.

Ball handling skills focus only on one thing. They focus almost exclusively on your motor control. It makes sense doesn’t it? Motor skills are how well you move your hand so things that rely on your hand movement rely on motor skills right? Wrong! Fine motor skills are only one of four things you need to be a great ball handler.

So what else do you need to practice? As well as boosting your hand skills you need to boost your central nervous system. You also need a grasp of misdirection. Misdirection is using your body language to confuse the defender and take the attention away from your hands. That’s things like looking left before dodging right. You also need to work on your foot skills of course. But no one else realizes this and focuses solely on the hands.

Fusion Handles gets its name because it is a fusion of training, created by Adam Folker, founder of Thincpro basketball and Larry Williams, aka ‘The Bone Collector’. It trains all four of these things at the same time. So you practice all the skills you need in one go. Rather than practicing one skill you only kind of need relentlessly.

The Fusion Handles basketball dribbling program is split into several sections and each section is split up into a number of modules, powered by Thincpro. You progress at your own pace and advance through the course at your level. Take everything in and learn what it takes to be a great ball handler.

The first section is a great foundation for the rest of the course. It teaches you many different moves and fundamentals of developing your technique and training. It teaches you about the secrets of streetball that you can take on to a more professional level and improve your game. It has twelve different sections filled with information and it’s only the start.

The other modules teach you all the different moves that you need to know, as well as the training methods you need to follow to achieve the best results. The third section is indeed an eight week training course you can follow.

Fusion Handles by Adam Folker and Larry ‘The Bone Collector’ Williams also comes with an assortment of free goodies including further techniques to make a defender fall down and drive a crowd wild, as well as a mobile package that gives you access to all the material through your smartphone or tablet. It’s a one stop shop for basketball training.

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