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FroKnowsPhoto is about as hands-on a video editing guide as you can find, and get you started on editing videos, created by Jared Polin and Todd Wolfe.

FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing Review

In a day and age when every phone, computer, and tablet has a built in camera almost everyone fancies themselves a video star. If all the bad videos on YouTube have taught us anything though it’s that it takes a little more than just a camera to put together a good video. If you fancy yourself a video star and want to know more about video editing then you want the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing.

FroKnowsPhoto is the collaborative effort of Jared Polin and Todd Wolfe. Jared has a pretty sweet afro, which is where the name comes from, and both men know plenty about video editing. The tricks they know are the same ones that the industry has been using for over 100 years now. Believe it or not the process of video editing has changed all that much. The only thing that’s changed is the technology that we use to do it.

One of the things that makes the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to Video Editing so effective is that, much like with every other guide Todd and Jared have put together, they teach you the fundamentals. Most guides to anything will tell you how to do something. Jared and Todd teach you what the buttons do and how you can use them yourself. You learn why the buttons you’re pressing do what they do so that you can make them work for you.

The guide contains over 9 hours of video lessons split across a number of components and modules. The first component is a 2 and a half hour guide to the foundations of video editing fundamentals. This will get you started on editing videos properly as Todd teaches you all the fundamentals from 100 years ago that will probably still be relevant 100 years from now. The best part is that all of these fundamentals can be used with just about any editing software. There’s no need to shell out for an Adobe program or some other high-end software when you have a perfectly good (and perfectly free) Windows Movie Maker on your computer already.

The second section is a series of four supplementary tutorials that take what you learned in the first section and expands on them further. Todd guides you through the process including all the problems you might encounter and how to move past them. You’ll learn everything that you could possibly want to know about creating videos.

As well as the general guides and tutorials there are specific tutorials on creating videos for specific purposes. There’s a guide for creating short films, electronic press kits, YouTube videos and more. Many people who get into making videos have dreams of being a YouTube star. If that sounds like you then you’ll learn just what you need to do that.

The FroKnowsPhoto Video Guide to Editing is about as hands-on a video editing guide as you can find. It includes all the raw footage from the lessons so you can follow along and see how Jared and Todd were able to edit them. If you really aren’t satisfied with the course then you can claim your money back, which gives you total peace of mind.

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