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Freedom Particle System is a guide to putting together a power generator using simple supplies you can pick up from any hardware store.

Freedom Particle System

Are you interested in exploring alternative energy and finding ways to reduce your electricity bill, increase independence, and reduce your carbon footprint? Solar power is one option, but solar panels can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install. Not everyone has that kind of money. The good news is that there are lots of alternative power systems you can build at home for a fraction of the cost. They aren’t even that difficult to build. The Freedom Particle System from Ben Hudson explores how to build one such system.

What is the Freedom Particle System?

The Freedom Particle System is a guide to putting together a power generator using simple supplies you can pick up from just about any hardware store. The information in the guide is laid out in such a clear and simple way that you should have no problem putting together your own generator. Use the generator to power your home and save some money on your electricity bill. It can be used in the event of an emergency to ensure that you still have power if something happens and there’s a blackout too. So it’s great for preppers as well as those who are conscious of how much electricity they use and what it is doing to the environment – and their wallet.

How Does the Freedom Particle System Work?

The generator that you build with the Freedom Particle System works by taking advantage of the imbalance of magnetic forces between a rotor and a stator. It maintains that imbalance and uses it to generate power. There’s no need for anything like solar panels. The generator can be built and placed where you need it, and it can be used to provide power anywhere in your house.

What do you Get with the Freedom Particle System?

The Freedom Particle System comes with blueprints and plenty of other tips on building your generator. It includes step-by-step instructions on building the device for yourself, as well as information on where to get the necessary materials. The instructions have been written in such a way that anyone can build the device, even those with little to no DIY knowledge. Pretty soon you’ll have your own generator supplying back-up power to your home. It could be used to power your entire house too, if you make it big enough.

The generator can be left to run and generate power all by itself. It doesn’t need to be hooked up to something else to generate power, making it a great piece of survival gear. If you’re worried about the power grid going down or having to live off the grid for any other reason, simply keep one of these generators to hand.


The Freedom Particle System is a great guide for building a generator out of basic materials you can find in any hardware store. The system can be scaled to build a generator as small – or large – as you need. Use the extra power to reduce your electricity bills or outright eliminate your dependence on the national power grid. If you’ve got any problems at all with the system, simply contact Ben Hudson. He’ll answer any questions you have or arrange a refund if you want one.

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