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Forex Gold Investor is an gold trading FX expert adviser for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, built specifically for precious metal traders.

Forex Gold Investor Review

Forex trading has allowed everyone to get involved with trading and investing. It allows you to trade based on currency pairs and with trades being completed in a matter of minutes, it’s much more accessible than buying a stock and sitting on it for months (if not years) while it matures. The problem is that forex trading is still difficult, and there are a number of systems out there that promise to be the best and get you a lot of profit. One of the systems that could actually be considered among the best is the Forex Gold Investor from FXAuotmater.

What is Forex Gold Investor?

Forex Gold Investor is an FX expert adviser for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The program was created with broker protection systems built in to make trades as safe and profitable as possible. It has a wealth of other features that help make it stand out as an incredible trading robot. Forex Gold Investor runs on a basic principle of making a lot of small, low-risk trades to make profit while following trends. It’s designed to be used with the XAUUSD currency pair and works best when set to a 15 minute time frame.

How Does Forex Gold Investor Work?

Forex Gold Investor is an automated forex strategy and analytical system that does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is set the parameters, scales, and limits of transactions and watch as the robot uses them to make all the trades for you. That allows you to retain control of the trades even though you aren’t personally making them.

The trading robot works for as long as you leave it on. You could leave it on 24/5 if you wanted to. It doesn’t have the emotional instability of a human trader. It doesn’t have “gut feelings” that go wrong. Rather, it focuses on pure analytics and calculations. It compiles figures and makes trades unhindered by fear.

Traders understand that there is such a thing as an ideal time to make a trade. This trading robot is packed with data that allows it to make the right trades at the right times. It’s programmed to trade based on the time and the best trading scenarios.

The exit logic of Forex Gold Investor combines some of the best profit protection and draw-down reducing algorithms around. These exit algorithms ensure that trades are closed at the right time to protect your profits and minimize loss.

One of the key features of the software is the Broker Spy Module, which FXAutomater spent 2,000 refining. This tool protects your capital and keeps you safe from unethical brokers that try to cheat you with negative slippage, high spreads, and delayed order execution.

Forex trading robots allow you to automatically trade currency pairs based on trends and market data. There are plenty of these trading robots out there, so you need to be smart when choosing one. The Forex Gold Investor from FXAutomater was put together to be a simple and effective automatic trading solution built by the experts to be used by anyone.

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