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Forever Faithful is designed for women who are prepared to pour their hearts out to a man, who want an exclusive relationship based on true love.

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Love alone cannot keep a relationship alive.

Throughout history people have used the word “love” to denote different things, but through the power of science we now have a far greater understanding of it.

Love is simply what we ascribe to the manifestation of pair bonding, a biological response that facilitates a person’s commitment to a monogamous relationship, and a mental, emotional and physical commitment.

The key in this process is a “commitment hormone” called oxytocin. Unfortunately, oxytocin’s potency decreases as time goes by. Scientists have determined that it takes up to 5 months for this commitment hormone to lose its effectiveness.

This may all sound a bit too reductionist but there is no escaping the fact that every single thought, emotion and memory we have is a physiological process. There is no ghost living inside our skulls that constitutes You.

Consequently, Forever Faithful program aims to teach women how to activate this hormone in any man, whenever you want, causing him to be obsessed with being in a committed relationship with only you, forever. And maintain the relationship so it can never grow stale.

A program designed for women who want to be with a man who is loyal, passionate and attentive. For those women who are prepared to pour their hearts out to a man…who want a serious, exclusive relationship based on true lasting love.

You will get specific scripts and step by step plan, so you don’t get anxious at any point of the process. All of the hard work has already been taken care of.

Through a series of easily memorable shortcuts you will learn about strategies and techniques to make your man become exclusive and loyal to only you. Here is a short glimpse of these techniques:

  • “9 Fatal Love Mistakes” to know exactly how to make sure you don’t make them, and if you have made them, exactly how to reverse the damage that’s been done.
  • Discover if he truly loves you by using the “Emotional Availability Test”
  • “In The Hooked for Life” chapter, you’ll discover the secret that couples who stay married for life have grown to realize.
  • “Unlocking His Cuddle Chemical” technique
  • “Honesty Extractor”, if you want to know the truth about something he refuses to talk about.
  • “Exclusivity Blinders” trick, which lets you immediately block him from seeing or even thinking about any other woman in a sexual way, because you will ensure him that you are the only one who can fulfill him and give him what he needs.
  • “Young Love Igniter”, which triggers a part of his mind that will make him immediately feel like a jealous young boy drunk on love.
  • “Rewind Time” trick to reverse any damage that’s happened, inject the spark and intensity back into your relationship, even if it started getting stale a while ago.
  • “Life Mapping”, you will force even the most single-for-life type guy to imagine having a future with you.
  • “Marriage Mantras”, gradually shift his thoughts toward walking down the aisle where he will even start to fantasize about the big day he can make you his wife.

Forever Faithful relationship program is viewable on a computer, phone or tablet.

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