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Forbidden Fitness Secrets explores techniques utilized by ancient ninjas to achieve unprecedented levels of fitness.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Are you worried about your fitness levels? Have you tried lots of different things and feel you are not getting the right results? Forbidden Fitness Secrets explores fitness techniques utilized by ancient Japanese ninja warriors to achieve unprecedented levels of strength, stamina, and fitness.

What is Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

Forbidden Fitness Secrets by Ryan Murdock focuses on building intrinsic strength. The concept of intrinsic strength is a little misunderstood even now, but it can be grasped easily and quickly to reinforce your ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, and tendons. This intrinsic strength is said to be what made the shinobi able to perform superhuman feats. Now, thanks to this guide, you can develop it for yourself.

What do you Learn With Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

  • A secret technique for upgrading push-ups and building more strength than ever before, including a more powerful chest and thicker arms and shoulders.
  • A series of “core drills” for tightening your waistline, treating lower back pain, and improving overall posture.
  • How to protect yourself from sudden shifts in direction and accidental ankle turns that are known to cause sprains and tears. This “fleetness of foot” is what allowed ninjas to maintain their balance in just about any situation.
  • The most common mistakes people make when training connective tissues, allowing you to avoid making them yourself.
  • A sneaky low-tech solution to condition the lynchpin joint to prevent injury and boost sports performance. They are considered low-tech drills because they utilize your own body weight. There’s no need for any equipment, not even simple stretch bands.
  • Discover the best way to load your soft tissue and unlock the natural springs in your connective tissue to perfectly balance muscle tension and relaxation instantly.
  • Re-integrate breathing, movement, and posture to adopt the economy of motion a ninja was able to utilize. This drastically increases your endurance so you can go harder with less effort.
  • A “forbidden” set of exercises devised by Ryan Murdock for the upper body for pumping your muscles up. These movements are so powerful and challenging that you have to have mastered the other exercises first. They take the coordination and mobility that you have built up to now to greater levels of intrinsic strength.
  • The “Guiding Hand” drill that awakens a “sixth sense” within you. These drills are what strengthened the nervous system of ninjas to enable them to redirect their strikes around obstacles such as blocks and parries.
  • Little-known “broomstick drills” that can be used to develop powerful grip strength and incredible finger dexterity.
  • Staff fighting techniques; including how to take advantage of weak points and how to spin the staff smoothly while in combat to strike while always on the move.


To put it simply, coach Murdock’s Forbidden Fitness Secrets has what you need to be as fit and strong as a ninja warrior; renowned for being some of the fastest yet strongest fighters in history. You might not necessarily learn how to fight like a ninja, but you can expect to learn how to be as fit and agile as one. Everything is kept nice and simple so you should have no problems following along.

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