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Foldylock is made from heavy gauge steel bars that have been hinged together, rather than being a basic cable or chain.

Foldylock Review

Keeping your bike secure as you use it – and even when keeping it at home – is one of the first hurdles for a bike owner to get over after getting the bike itself and picking up a helmet. As soon as you reach your destination and hop off the bike, you quickly realize that you need a way to stop someone else from just hopping on and riding off with it. There are lots of options for securing a bike, but Foldylock is one of the latest and greatest ways to protect your bike.

What Makes Foldylock Different?

Just about every bike lock secures a bike by passing through the bike frame and then going around some stationary object, such as a metal bar or bollard. Then there are UBolt locks which fold around the frame and the wheel, making it impossible to move the wheel and, therefore, the bike.

The Foldylock on the other hand is designed to fit through the frame and maybe another object too, but rather than being a basic cable or chain, it’s made from heavy gauge steel bars that have been hinged together.

Foldylock Design

It is sold with a plastic holder you can use to attach the Foldylock to your bike using Velcro or the water bottle holder posts found on every body. These posts are commonly found on the vertical post between the crank and seat, with another found on the bar between the crank and the front wheel fork. These posts are used to attach water bottles, pumps, and other accessories to a bike, and now you can use them to attach a Foldylock bike lock.

The Foldylock is made from six sections, each of which are around 8 inches long. These sections are bolted together and able to swivel on just one plane, meaning that the chain unfolds like a carpenter’s rule. The steel the sections are made from is substantial to say the least; you wouldn’t be able to get through them with a bolt cutter or saw. This is going to keep away just about every potential bike thief.

The lock itself is a brass keyed lock built to be weather resistant and a steel chamber that allows the free end to pass. The steel chamber rotates when the lock is engaged preventing the “circle” of the lock from being broken.

There are a few problems with the design, such as the lock being so tough it makes it hard to tie a bike to an object like a post. The trade-off for this is the security that comes with knowing your bike isn’t going anywhere soon. The Foldylock keeps the bike secure, even if it can’t be so easily wrapped around the frame of the bike.


Foldylock is an impressive bike lock indeed. It has a few problems here and there, but nothing that detracts from the overall quality of the lock and incredible security it provides. It’s also convenient given how small and easy to transport it is. Just attach it to the bike and you’ll never have to worry about securing your bike again.

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