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Fix My Knee Pain offers a three-step method to reduce knee pain naturally with no need for medication or surgery.

Fix My Knee Pain by Rick Kaselj Overview

Knee pain is a serious issue many people face. At a severe enough level, knee pain makes it difficult to stand, move around, and generally live your life.

The good news is that it might not be something that you have to just live with. With some help from Rick Kaselj and the KR3 Method discussed in Fix My Knee Pain, you can do something about the problem.

What is Fix My Knee Pain?

At the core of it, Fix My Knee Pain by Rick Kaselj is basically a three-step method to reduce knee pain naturally with no need for medication or surgery.

The program is based on an innovative method known as the KR3 method, developed by Rick himself. Rick Kaselj is an injury specialist who knows all about knee pain and how to manage it.

What do you Learn with Fix My Knee Pain?

The guide is built around four separate tactics including the KR3 method. They are:

  1. Keep Your Knee Straight Out of the Gym – The reason for this is that the things you do outside of your workouts could be the actual problem. Do you like to sit with your legs crossed? Do you stick your feet behind you under your chair or sit with bent knees? Because your knee joint is happiest when not bent when not working, keeping your knees straight while outside of the gym is an effective way to prevent further knee pain.
  2. Don’t Get Stuck in the Vicious Cycle of Knee Pain – What is that vicious cycle? It’s getting injured, resting, using drugs and ice, doing some safe exercises, and winding up back at the doctor and in physical therapy again because you’ve injured yourself, again. Take time to really recover and be careful with your knees so you don’t get stuck in a never-ending cycle of injury and rest.
  3. Deal with The Root Cause of Pain – Until you take the time to really treat the root cause of your knee pain, it will never go away. At least not permanently.
  4. Use the KR3 method to Reshape your Knee Joint – This method is something that Rick personally developed to help people get out of the cycle of knee pain. It’s split into three parts: Internal Reshaping, External Reshaping, and Injury Specific Exercises. It gets rid of the root cause of the knee pain and properly strengthens your knee to prevent further injury.

If you have any knee problems and are looking for relief, then you don’t need to look much further than Fix My Knee Pain. Rick Kaselj is an injury specialist who really knows his stuff. His video guides will help you escape the cycle of knee pain and develop knees that are tougher and more durable than they’ve ever been.

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