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First Strike Combatives System details the only 17 moves that you could need to make it out of any violent encounter, created by former SWAT leader Todd Lamb.

First Strike Combatives System Review

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the world isn’t as safe as it used to be. It feels like we can’t go a week without hearing about some attack. People are even being attacked in broad daylight now. It’s important for you to be prepared. It’s important for you to know the First Strikes Combatives System by Todd Lamb.

Despite what you think about special forces they actually rely on a few devastating attacks and tactics that only take a few weeks to master. They are based on human reflexes and they can be done by anyone, even someone who has no previous combat experience. That’s right; even if you have no martial arts training at all you can master these moves and give yourself the power to defend yourself and the people you love no matter the situation.

The First Strike Combatives System details the only 17 moves that you could need to make it out of any violent encounter. The best part is that they only take three minutes to learn. You might need to practice them a bit to make them an automatic reactionary response, but you can learn them pretty quickly at least.

You’ll learn the ultimate first strike that can end a fight before it has a chance to begin, along with 7 locks and breaks straight from the special forces designed to knock someone out in seconds. No need to worry about being attacked by an armed assailant either as you’ll learn how to defend yourself against weapons and disarm your enemy so they aren’t even a factor.

When you fight someone you want to be unpredictable. Todd shows you how you can strike people in a way that leaves them wondering just what happened to them because they can’t tell what you’re going to do next.

The golden rule of any fight is that things will always end up on the floor eventually. Someone is going to get taken down so you need to ensure you’re the one doing the taking down. Getting someone on the ground quickly is a great way to disable them and make them regret even trying to start anything with you.

The First Strike Combatives System shows you the proper way to handle a mass shooting. Take them out quickly and minimize the damage and death with the right moves. You’ll learn how to get into the assailant’s head before they can even think about doing something, and three strategies for finishing the fight as quickly as possible, which is key in any fight.

All of these techniques are showcased in easy to digest three-minute videos. Put them on your phone or tablet and watch them on the go to make your commute more interesting if you want. No matter how you watch the videos you should be able to absorb the information and be ready to defend yourself in no time. The package comes with a range of free gifts to make the techniques even more effective as well as a 60 day money-back guarantee so your wallet is protected too.

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