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Feel Good Knees System is a program designed to naturally and effectively treat the problems affecting knees, created by Todd Kuslikis.

Feel Good Knees System Review

There are many things that people do each and every day, and almost all of them involve the knees; standing up, walking, bending over, and most other movements involve moving the knees. IF we aren’t able to move properly then it brings down our productivity and can negatively affect our mood. There’s a need for a natural and effective way to treat knee pain and inflammation, and the Feel Good Knees System from Todd Kuslikis promises to deliver just that.

What is the Feel Good Knees System?

Todd Kuslikis’ The Feel Good Knees System is designed to naturally and effectively treat the problems affecting knees. It’s built around simple exercises and other tips such as proper posture that encourage the body to restore knee health without the use of medications or injections.

Components of The Feel Good Knees System

  • Companion Guide – The Companion Guide gives users a visual aid to quickly learn the methods of the system. All the visuals are in color and feature clear descriptions on how to perform the exercise in question. Different exercises are also categorised into different health and fitness levels. Start out with the simplest exercises and slowly work your way up as you gain an understanding of your current level and improve.
  • Pain Reduction Tracker – The pain reduction tracker makes it easy for users to track their progress over time. Feeling pain will also encourage a user to look through the tracker and identify what they did wrong and work out how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Video Library – The video library contains step-by-step video instructions on all of the exercise. With the help of videos, users can fully understand how the exercise works and how it improves knee health. It’s one thing to read how to perform an exercise and another to have someone show you how to do it. The videos remove any guesswork and ensure that the exercise is performed properly for the best results.
  • 1-Minute Rejuvenation Finishers – The finishers are to be combined with the regular five minute exercises. These are optional steps that can increase the results and restore knee health faster. Given that they are optional steps though, there’s no need to do them if it would be too much.
  • Postural Alignment Guide – Posture is an important part of knee health. The postural alignment guide explains which postures are likely contributing to knee pain. Making a few simple changes in how one sits and stands can make a lot of difference. The alignment guide also features video tutorials so users understand how their posture should be.


The Feel Good Knees System from Todd Kuslikis encourages users to heal their knees with the natural power of their body. It doesn’t focus on taking supplements or other prescription pills, instead focusing on exercises that can be followed to reduce inflammation and improve joint health. Don’t worry if the exercises are too tough for you or you don’t see any noticeable results as the program also comes with a complete money back guarantee.

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