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Flexible Dieting Lifestyle’s Greatest Hits contains over 130 recipes that allows you to achieve nutritional health.

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Flexible Dieting Lifestyle’s Greatest Hits Review

It’s no secret that finding the right diet to fit your needs and personal lifestyle can be painfully difficult. Now, with Flexible Dieting Lifestyle’s Greatest Hits, the stress has been taken off your back, and countless tasty options are yours to choose!

When trying to figure out the right combination of nutrients and flavor for yourself, It’s hard not to be influenced by the countless eating lifestyles and fad diets that exist today, especially with their overexposure on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Whether you’re being bombarded with recommendations to go vegan, if a protein-heavy paleo diet is suggested to you, or if you’re told to consider high-carb options, you’ve surely heard of some of these or even been pressured to try them.

Another “quick fix” for weight loss and nutrition goals is the use of diet pills to curb appetites and alter your metabolism. These are often marketed as the fix to all the problems you’ve had with controlling your appetite and maintaining your ideal figure.

The truth is, no diet is “one-size-fits-all”. Each has its cons for people with specific lifestyles, and the restrictions on your favorite foods can be very discouraging. And diet pills, to say the least, are said to be a huge potential health hazard.

Thankfully, Zach Rocheleau has come up with an innovative nutrition package and turned it into a book that aims to remove the pressure of a restrictive diet, eliminate the health risks of diet pills, and treat you to great meals while losing weight.

Who is Zach Rocheleau?

Zach, like many people, used to be an athlete who experienced a period of inactivity due to an injury. Due to his inability to work out like before and depression resulting from the injury, he turned to food for comfort.

At one point, he ended up being 25 pounds overweight and turned to the Internet to find the best diet to help him regain his form. However, after trying several, the strict rules – and the guilt that resulted from straying from them – turn him off of these options.

Discouraged from the limiting diets and the massive cheat days he allowed himself that would negate all of his progress, he created his own recipes using healthier low calorie options.

His self-professed results speak for themselves: he lost plenty of weight and now proudly shows off his six-pack. Now, he has decided to write out his favorite recipes and compile them into Flexible Dieting Lifestyle’s Greatest Hits.

How does FDL’s Greatest Hits work?

This book contains over 130 recipes that Zach claims allows you to consume options from all food groups and achieve nutritional health while also being able to lose weight and enjoy your favorite treats.

The goal of a Flexible Dieting Lifestyle (FDL) is to allow you to put together an eating plan that permits your favorite foods by replacing common ingredients with lower calorie, higher nutrient alternatives that encourage comprehensive health.

The benefits of this book include:

  • an estimated 10-15 minute preparation time for a meal
  • recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • ingredients that are common and easy to find

Additionally, when you purchase FDL’s Greatest Hits, you also receive Zach Rocheleau’s “Kitchen Staples” list which reveals his most regularly used ingredients, and his “Flexible Dieting 101” guide to learn his personal nutrition tips.

Money-Back Guarantee

This FDL’s Greatest Hits package comes with a “1 Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee”. Zach states that he will completely refund your payment up to one year from purchase if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

While many products offer a 3 or even 6 month money-back guarantee, the 1-year time frame for this package suggests that Zach has plenty of confidence in the knowledge that he imparts in both his recipe book and the accompanying materials.

At the end of the day, the truth about any particular diet is that it’s not for everyone. Meat lovers will groan at the thought of becoming vegetarian, and people who enjoy carbohydrates would be disappointed to give up their favorites to go paleo.

When it comes to FDL’s Greatest Hits, though, the opposite is true: there’s almost certainly something in it for everyone, and the wide range of dietary options make it appealing to people of any nutritional discipline.

If you’re looking for a meal plan filled with choices that are quick to make, easy to shop for, and said to produce results while continuing to eat well, then this book might be the best new feature that you can add to your shelf – and your kitchen!

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