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Family Survival Course was offered by Jason Richards, who had spent years on his research about survival. As the name suggests, the objective of this course is to help families survive the most unfavorable conditions imaginable.

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Family Survival Review

  • How to protect your family from harmful bugs and ferocious animals.
  • Tips about creating a self-sufficient supply of food.
  • List of food that are most valuable under the harshest conditions.
  • How to setup a shelter to protect your family.
  • Water purification done right.
  • Common mistakes and fallacies when preparing for survival.
  • Alternative energies to power your home.
  • Natural cure of typical diseases with the application of herbs.

Regardless of your personal belief, there is nothing more important than ensuring your family’s safety under any circumstance. The Family Survival Course is not only for the “headline disasters”, but also equips you with the ability to cope with all sorts of emergencies.

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