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Ex Factor Guide initiates the production of Oxytocin in his brain, which will gradually change the way he perceives you, from an ex to a new found love of his life.

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One of the biggest regrets one can feel in life is when you realize you will never find someone as good as your ex. The question is, what can you do about it without making it even worse, can you restore the relationship with your ex, but on a new footing?

You will be pleased to know that men are actually far more driven by emotions than the culture portrays them to be, and you can use this to your own advantage.

However, many women try to do this by engaging the left side of his brain – the rational side. Obviously that won’t do you any good.

Instead, you need to engage his emotional center – the right side of his brain. The trick is that eliciting responses from the emotional center of his brain, you trigger a subconscious reaction that he is unable to fight, he will only be able to react.

The key vessel for this process is a chemical called Oxytocin – a hormone generated by hypothalamus that creates all the emotions we know of – love, sexual desire, lust, passion.

With the help of key phrases it is possible to initiate the production of Oxytocin in his brain, which will gradually change the way he perceives you, from an ex to a new found love of his life.

Brad Browning, a relationship coach, has poured a lot of time and work hours into a program that aims to accomplish exactly that, but first, you need to realize 3 critical facts about breakups:

  1. Your ex lied to you, subconsciously and automatically. After a breakup, men usually say stuff like “I just need some time alone” or “I’m just not ready for a serious relationship right now”. As suspected, these are just excuses he uses as a cover for the real reasons, an emotional ones.
  2. You’re going to have to accept that your old relationship is gone and you can’t have it back, which is actually a positive thing as obviously your old relationship was destined to fail anyway. Instead, you should start a new relationship, founded on firm grounds that will stand the test of time.
  3. In order to bring forth this new relationship, you need to erase or neutralize all the negative memories he has of you, and replace them with positive ones. You need to access his primal, masculine feelings, and plant the seeds of sexuality, passion, and romance.

In order to make this happen Brad has devised a unique relationship revitalization system called the 3R system – Recovery, Rekindling & Re-Attraction.

  • In the Recovery phase you will learn how to reshape the image your ex has of you.
  • Rekindling phase focuses on what to say in order to establish a direct line of communication with his emotional center.
  • In the final, Re-Attraction phase, you will give him an opportunity to act on the emotions and urges you’ve created in the first two phases.

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