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Euphoric Feet is an insole for your shoe that massages your feet during the day, based on the Chinese art of reflexology.

Euphoric Feet Review

There are few things better than a great foot massage at the end of a busy day. One of the only things that would be better is having your feet massaged all day long while you work. Even better, you can do it all without having to spend a lot of money on an expensive spa. Euphoric Feet is a great product for giving your feet a powerful massage.

What is Euphoric feet?

Euphoric Feet is basically an insole for your shoe that massages your feet during the day. The idea is based on the Chinese art of reflexology, which suggests it is possible to massage your way to better health. The feet house around 20,000 nerve endings (each) which are connected to different parts of your body. Massaging the feet in just the right way can stimulate other parts of your body to alleviate problems like back pain and digestion issues. Each insole has 407 points for each foot to relieve tension, boost energy, and leave you feeling great even after a day spent on your feet.

How Does Euphoric Feet Work?

Euphoric Feet was created to improve overall health by stimulating the foot with precise magnetic acupoints, The insoles stimulate the;

  • Solar Plexus Reflex – The solar plexus reflex is center chakra – one of the most powerful points of foot reflexology. Stimulating the upper pad of the sole allows Euphoric Feet to decrease stress levels and increase your overall stress tolerance. So not only are you dealing with less stress than before, but you’re better at managing the stress you do have.
  • Adrenal Reflex – The adrenal reflex point is located at the core arch of your foot. When this is stimulated, it encourages increased energy and endurance. Wearing Euphoric Feet can help you to feel more alert, stay active, and burn more calories throughout the day. It’s like giving yourself a shot of adrenaline.
  • Digestive Reflex – The digestive reflex is located at the center of the core arch. As the name implies, this one is responsible for digestion. Stimulating it properly can help your body to absorb more nutrients from food, reduce bloating, and boost levels of good bacteria. Ideal for those with constipation problems.
  • Sciatic Reflex – Euphoric Feet works to relax muscles and eliminate back pain by stimulating the sciatic reflex point. This is the nerve that begins at your lower back and ends at the heel. That’s right; even the back is connected to the foot through nerve endings.
  • Waste Elimination Reflex – Stimulating the core arch of your feet can trigger the waste elimination reflex. This helps to relieve constipation, eliminates excess toxins, and leaves your skin looking cleaner and fresher.


Euphoric Feet is a fantastic product for people who regularly work on their feet, want to get more energy, have problems with back pain, or just want to give their feet a nice massage with every step. Save money on spa days and expensive massage shoes with these effective insoles that work for any shoe at any size.

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