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Eat the Fat Off is a diet plan devised by John Rowley with the help of Dr. Dimitrios Stamou.

Eat the Fat Off Review

With so many people struggling to lose weight, it should come as no surprise that there’s a lot of misinformation out there on the subject. For example, did you know it was possible to lose weight by eating more fat? It’s true. At least, it’s true when done properly. If anything, most people could stand to eat a little more fat. Eat the Fat Off by John Rowley can show you how to utilize the power of Lipase-P to lose weight safely and effectively.

What is Eat the Fat Off?

Eat the Fat Off is a diet plan devised by John Rowley with the help of Dr. Dimitrios Stamou. The diet is built around Lipase-P, allegedly the strongest form of the fat-metabolizing enzyme produced by the human body. It’s not a supplement or anything like that. It’s something that your body is naturally producing that literally eats through fat. The problem is that many Americans have a serious lack of this enzyme, and it’s making the obesity problem into an epidemic. Learn more about Lipase-P, the foods that contain it, and what it does for you with the help of John Rowley and Dr. Dimitrios Stamou.

The Benefits of Eat the Fat Off

  • Support Weight Loss – Research from the University of Copenhagen has shown that Lipase-P is essential to effectively losing weight. It breaks through stored up body fat faster and converts it into more usable energy. Take the energy and work out to lose even more weight.
  • Manage Digestion Problems – Foods rich in Lipase-P also contain other gut-healing enzymes to help your digestive system. You’ll get rid of bloating and gas and not feel like you’re fit to bursting after a meal. These foods and enzymes may even help with long-term chronic digestive problems.
  • Slow Down the Aging Process – The cells in your vital organs – such as the lungs, kidneys, lever, and reproductive system – tend to age rapidly when you have a Lipase-P deficiency. The good news is that the process may be reversible. Just get a good amount of the enzyme to undo the damage.
  • Smooth Skin – Solid Lipase-P levels help the body to properly absorb vitamins and minerals from foods you eat. They nourish the skin and give it that natural, smooth, youthful texture it once had. Lots of people say they look up to fifteen years younger just by making some dietary changes, such as the ones in the Eat the Fat Off program.

Money-Back Guarantee

Eat the Fat Off, as the name implies, is a guide to losing weight by eating right. “Eating right” might not mean what you think it does. It’s all about getting enough Lipase-P and seeing what this amazing enzyme can do. It clears out fat, leaving your body looking and feeling better than it ever has. Give the guide a go today to see what it can do for you. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact John Rowley to get a full refund.

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