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Nutri02 allows you to receive the benefits of oxygenation in your home, without special equipment or training, based on Stabilized Active Oxygen.

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Nutri02 Review

Did you know that oxygen bars and cafes exist all over the world, with the specific purpose of circulating more oxygen than can be found in our atmosphere?

Why would such establishments even exist when we breathe oxygen every day, otherwise we would all be dead. Is there something more to oxygen that we are not fully utilizing?

Oxygen (O2) is not only critical for our continued survival, but it is also a determinant in whether your body is fortified against diseases. Viruses and bacteria in particular can’t thrive in environments rich in oxygen.

Furthermore, when your body has decreased oxygenation of the blood it impacts your metabolic rate, which determines the efficacy of a wide range of biochemical processes occurring every second in your body. Cells are observed to actually shrivel and cluster together when you are not oxygenated enough, which leaves your body exposed to a variety of serious illnesses.

Statistically, physicians estimate that the average person in US has 5 to 10 years higher metabolic age than the actual chronological age.

So how can you tell if you need more oxygenation in your life from Nutri02?

If you have observed to have the following symptoms:

  1. Feeling of fatigue despite sleeping more than recommended.
  2. Exhibiting listlessness, lack of emotion and ambition to do anything.
  3. Sluggishness
  4. Can’t lose weight despite the effort and change of diet.

Then you are showing signals that were in the past treated with expensive and cumbersome oxygen therapies. Such therapies have clearly shown that:

  • They increase the production of white blood cells, which are essential for the normal functioning of your immune system.
  • They neutralize the effects of artificial chemicals, and a wide range of toxins that riddle our mass-produced food supply.
  • They bolster the effect of compounds with antioxidant properties, which in turn impede the aging process, especially your skin as they protect collagen – protein responsible for your skin looking young and feeling elastic.
  • They help with the increased production of interferons, considered responsible for aiding in the eradication of cancer cells.

Up until recently, these oxygen therapies were available through hyperbaric chambers, certain breathing techniques, and to a lesser extent – the aforementioned oxygen bars.

With Nutri02 this is no longer such an obstacle, because Nutri 02 allows you to receive the benefits of oxygenation in your home, without special equipment or training.

This is made possible by a compound called Stabilized Active Oxygen, engineered by Friedrich Kuhne. What this compound allows is for oxygen to persist in its natural state, and in a non-chemical liquid.

As a consequence, even if you digest it, you will still be able to oxygenate your cells and enjoy the benefits of oxygen therapies. You simply administer a few drops in the water, or other liquid.

With regular intake of Nutri02 you can expect the following results:

  • Deeper and easier sleep
  • Higher mental clarity and focus
  • Deepened level of concentration
  • Increased endurance and energy during the day
  • Liberation from coffee and artificially energy-boosters with negative side-effects

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