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ElectroCleanse eliminates parasites using precise electrical frequencies, generating e a specific frequency for a range of common disorders.

ElectroCleanse Review

Your body is under constant attack from outside threats including parasites and toxins. They cause problems such as pain and illness, but they can be eliminated. One of the most effective ways to eliminate these problems is through the use of the ElectroCleanse; the future of medicine. Try ElectroCleanse for yourself to see just how effective it can be.

What is ElectroCleanse?

The ElectroCleanse is a relatively unknown device that eliminates parasites using precise electrical frequencies. These parasites are harming muscles and joints and causing inflammation. It uses a computer program to generate a specific frequency for a range of common disorders. The idea behind using resonant frequencies like this comes from Royal Rife. He invented a Universal Microscope in the 1930s to study microorganisms and then tested which frequencies were fatal to them. He took the information and used it to create frequency machines to destroy certain bacteria. The ElectroCleanse is the ultimate frequency machine.

How Does ElectroCleanse Work?

It’s believed that the modern Electro Cleanse machine is far superior to the original frequency devices that Rife built in the 30s. One of the main ways in which they work is that there are some resonant frequencies that shake microbes to the point that they die, similar to how the right frequency can vibrate glass until it shatters.

These pulsating waves of electricity also prevent microbes such as bacteria from adhering to cell walls and attract blood and nutrients to speed up healing. ElectroCleanse sessions flex and relax muscles to push blood around faster and remove obstructions as well. What’s great is that the resonant frequencies may be deadly to bacteria but they have been shown to have no effect on regular tissue.

Science has proven the human body is an electrical system. Human cells work similar to miniscule batteries that store and release energy as they take in nutrients, expel waste, and repair and heal themselves. Each cell does produce an electric charge and this charge must be maintained to ensure proper function.

Energy is constantly flowing between cells in the body. If living cells are damaged then it can cause disruptions in the electrical capacity of a cell, which we recognise as pain. It can take a long time to heal this damage and restore natural function. This is where an ElectroCleanse comes in.

The ElectroCleanse pulses deep to repair these electrical imbalances and abnormalities. This helps to eliminate chronic and acute disorders. People compare an ElectroCleanse to giving a weak battery a jump start. There may be an initial shock but it doesn’t last longer than a moment.


The human body runs on electricity in a way. Disorders can affect the natural flow of electricity through our body to cause damage and pain. One way to fix the problem is to provide the body with a precise electronic resonance frequency to give it a little boost in the right area. This is basically what ElectroCleanse does. Try the therapy out for yourself and see the results it can give you.

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