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Day Game Domination uses subconscious psychological triggers that makes the woman you're talking to crave your presence.

What Is the Day Game Domination?

The Day Game Domination program is a 7-hour video program designed by Richard La Ruina and inspired by the techniques of a professional pickup artist he met by chance that is guaranteed to help the reader get laid with gorgeous women.

This program is directed to men, and the methods shown by Richard La Ruina takes into consideration subconscious psychological triggers that makes the woman you’re talking to crave your presence intimately in a level that seems too good to be true, but corresponds to applied psychological principles.

The Day Game Domination program is not just an audio program developed by inexperienced editors trying to sell a product; instead, Richard La Ruina designed this program to help the reader to get actual results and even guarantees its effectiveness by setting up a money back guarantee for 30 days, by compiling the results of 5 years practical study on woman seduction into 7 hours of highly valuable content.

There’s no better explanation that by example, and Richard La Ruina designed this program with hours of hidden-camera content that shows the methods, the reactions and carefully explains the steps in order conjure emotional reactions in the women who are applied to it.

What are the components of the Day Game Domination program?

This program teaches practical concepts such as:

  • The simple key to unlimited conversation which will help you develop a skill to never run out of things to say to keep generating attraction.
  • Unconscious awareness in order to detect and act upon hidden opportunities subconsciously, so you can always attract beautiful women to your life.
  • How to go for the kiss in order to never be rejected.
  • The secret that allows you to touch a woman within minutes of meeting and not appear creepy, while turning her on.
  • The real secret behind confidence and how to always have the confidence you need.
  • And many other concepts that complements this 7-hour program…

Money back guarantee

Richard La Ruina guarantees this program to be effective; however, if the results are not up to your expectations, you can get your money back in the first 30 days of use. Just pay for 1 month of membership and try it on. If it doesn’t suit you, just send and email requesting a refund.

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