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Data Dollars Pro is a filtered, pragmatic, realistic knowledge base to get you started with online data entry work that is actually worth doing, created by Jenny Lewis.

Data Dollars Pro Review

Internet has revolutionized many things:

  • How we communicate with each other
  • How we receive information
  • How we use financial services
  • How we entertain ourselves
  • How we educate ourselves

But the most important thing that internet made possible is the ability to work from home, drastically cutting the costs for both the employer and the employee. Not only that, but it has made certain lifestyles possible, so even if you are a busy mother/father you can augment or completely replace your income without leaving the comfort of your home. And without having to deal with the vagaries of human behavior, i.e. bosses.

Not only does such remote work tend to very flexible, but it makes it possible for people to earn money even if they do not possess extraordinary skills. The only prerequisite that is required is being a quick typist, which can be trained up in a very short time.

Online work in this category is often referred to as “data entry”.

Unfortunately, there is a considerable downside to this – excessive scam.

If you’ve spent any time on the internet you must have noticed how it is flooded with scam “opportunities” for a quick buck, often the sum of that buck being exaggerated beyond all reason.

What makes possible for internet to revolutionize things – decentralization – is the same thing that keeps people lost in the ocean of information and subjects them to predatory behavior.

Jenny Lewis, from the Home Trust Network knows this all too well. She is always on the lookout for a genuine and reliable way for stay at home dads and moms, and students, to earn extra money, or even substitute their income.

Data Dollars Pro is the result of her work, a programs that teaches you how to gain the best value companies are looking for, how and where to find legitimate work, and how to become good at data entry – the task that is easiest to start with when it comes to online work.

You will learn:

  • What do you need to do and have when you get started as a high-paid data entry professional
  • How to quickly train up your typing speed
  • Which typing skill gets companies throwing money at you
  • How to spot shady offers and companies that are not worth your time
  • Websites you must avoid if you want genuine jobs
  • How and when to start negotiating for a pay raise
  • Tips on how to create an enticing resume and cover letter when you progress down the line

If you are at the point of giving up due to many dead ends, false opportunities and waste of time, Data Dollars Pro was designed for you. Real opportunities do really exist, and this is one of the best ways of finding them – a filtered, pragmatic, realistic knowledge base to get you started with online work that is actually worth doing.

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