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Darkest Days shows how to easily assemble a device that will shield your electronics from EMP blast, effectively functioning as a $1499 Faraday Cage, and much more. (Available in hard copy)

Darkest Days Book Review

The next world war will not come from the conflict between USA and Russia; both countries have too much to lose, and no matter how much Putin tries to scare us, he is sane enough to not want to lose his position of power. In effect, both countries are rational, utilitarian agents.

But the same cannot be said for various outgrowths of Islam popping all over the world.

Darkest Days - Terrorists

The real threat comes from small, fanatical, elite groups like ISIS. Already there have been three ISIS members arrested in Brooklyn as they planned to embark on a bombing campaign. And wherever there are populations of Muslims, big or small, you will surely find ISIS sympathizers, just like across Europe, Africa and Asia.

Who knows how many of these religious fanatics are dispersed across US, and surely they would want to top the last biggest attack of their Muslim brethren, the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Of course, even if they all start terrorizing America, it is much too large in scope and military might to be seriously affected. Instead, the unraveling of USA could be done far more cheaply and non-lethally, at least not in the beginning.

Unfortunately, there is a weapon, a smart bomb, more devastating than 1000 nuclear warheads. It is called the Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb, abbreviated as EMP bomb, a weapon that if placed and detonated at the right location could shut down the entirety of modern civilization in North America as it fries all electronic components over an exceedingly large area. No more internet, electricity, water pumps, finance, supply chain, communications…

Such an event would cause a devastating cascade of collapses, both technological and especially societal. There would be riots and pillaging like this country has never seen.

If you recall, a coordinated attack on the power grid has already happened on April of 2013, in San Jose, California, when a concentrated high-powered rifle barrage knocked out 19 giant transformers, which completely cut off Silicon Valley from power supply, causing a blackout. The perpetrators of this test run were never found.

Darkest Days - NYC Blackout

This shows that even without an EMP, a knockdown of fragile US power grid is not only possible but inevitable; just imagine if oil-rich ISIS were to hire Knights Templar in Mexico to do the same thing they had already done to 11 Mexican towns, shutting down their power stations…

Alec Deacon, author of the best-selling book “Backyard Liberty” along with many survival manuals, has spent 20 years studying every type of survival situation and natural disaster, particularly specializing in rural and wilderness survival, but recently had refocused to survival of more immediate large scale threats, committed by nefarious human hands.

In his recent work with professor Charles Green, The Darkest Days book – BlackoutUSA you will find:

  • How to cheaply and easily assemble a simple device that will shield your electronics from EMP blast, effectively functioning as a $1499 Faraday Cage
  • Which 5 vital electronics you need after an EMP strike
  • Discover secrets from the Amish on how to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling
  • List of 7 must-have foods and medicine supplies and how much to store
  • How to keep your family “under the radar” when society collapses, and protect them against hungry and violent looters
  • How to make sure your car doesn’t get disabled which is critical if you have a “bug-out” location to go to
  • Home protection strategies and traps that guarantee to keep any looter off your property
  • 3 dirt-cheap ways to make your own energy for critically needed appliances

This is only a fraction of the full The Darkest Days book which contains two other books alongside The Darkest Days by Charles Green – How to Make Your Own Pharmacy and Off-Grid Home Protection Systems. All three books are easy to understand, precise and illustrated.

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    a book about emp survival

  2. Darkest Days
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    Darkest Days survival book

  3. Darkest Days
    5 out of 5

    There’s very little legit information on the internet about protecting from EMP. Dr. Green’s book is a practical guide for individuals to survive an EMP attack.

  4. Darkest Days

    This is great SHTF stuff

  5. Darkest Days
    5 out of 5

    would recommend this book by prof charles green to preppers

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