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Cyabags is based on organic molecule, Dipeptide-2, combined with five separate serum superchargers.

Cyabags Review

Have you ever looked in a mirror and noticed just how big and puffy eye bags can be?

What’s worse is that there’s an endless list of ineffective advice that targets your diet and sleeping habits, when in reality, sleep has hardly anything to do with eye bags! Prestigious institutions such as Harvard and the Mayo Clinic point at factors like fluid retention as one of the culprits!

Thankfully, Cecilia Wong at 5th & Glow has developed Cyabags, a cGMP certified 5-in-1 serum that can support you in:

  • Lightening dark circles
  • Concealing pores
  • Promoting your skin’s health
  • Moistening your skin
  • Mitigating fine lines and wrinkles

Please note that individual results may vary.

According to 5th Glow, Cyabags potent serum took over two years of careful development. An organic molecule, Dipeptide-2 (recently featured in Cosmopolitan and Allure) is combined with five separate serum superchargers:

  1. PT-1 is a peptide that a study claims has similar effects to Botox injections, meaning it can smooth wrinkles just as effectively without having to deal with dangerous side-effects.
  2. Supports your capillaries in order to conceal the dark circles around your eyes.
  3. Targets your pores with magnesium aluminum silicate and sodium silicate, which as research indicates, conceals pores and tightens the saggy skin around the eye bags.
  4. Includes Hyaluronic Acid that helps keep your skin clear and firm.
  5. The final supercharger has vitamins A, C, and E that can help reduce inflammation and support collagen strength.

Cyabags could help you avoid dangerous surgery that could permanently alter your natural looks for the worse! Instead, with a small squeeze of its supercharged serum, you no longer have to feel your energetic youthful looks have been completely taken away!

Money Back Guarantee

Cyabags comes with year-long, no questions asked refund policy. When you consider that most products of its kind offer a 60-days money-back guarantee (at most), it’s obvious that the 5th & Glow is confident it can help you look and feel younger in time.

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