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Crypto Trend Rider the next generation of crypto trading platforms with no confusing charts, complex analysis and complicated methods.

Crypto Trend Rider Review

Cryptocurrency has exploded in recent years thanks to the rise of bitcoin, but bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency on the market. It might be too late to invest in bitcoin, but there are dozens of other options out there. Keep track of these options and master trading them for profit with the help of the Crypto Trend Rider system by Roger Pierce.

What is Crypto Trend Rider?

Crypto Trend Rider is a trading solution for anyone interested in trading cryptocurrency. It’s the next generation of trading platforms with no confusing charts, complex analysis and complicated methods. Financial trading success is all about timing. Crypto Trend Rider is about delivering alerts to users to help them make the right trades at the right times.

How Does Crypto Trend Rider Work?

The secret to Crypto Trend Rider’s power is the 24 four custom-made indicators that are built into the algorithm. The engine contains the most profitable trading strategies after Roger tested thousands of crypto trading strategies to determine which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

44 of the most profitable strategies were implemented into the CTR engine and it’s only when they are working together with the 24 indicators and there is a high chance of success that the trading opportunity is detected. This gives you a highly accurate signal. Crypto Trend Rider is an entirely online system meaning that there’s no need to download anything. Just sign up for an account and log in on any device you want to get started.

The signals in CTR are generated based on a number of sophisticated trading strategies and indicators, along with system rules. The overall success rate of the signal is based on how success these parameters are. When a high expectancy signal is discovered then it triggers a signal alert in the OPEN signals section.

Make the trade by opening up your chosen crypto exchange and then trade according to the information from the signal. Keep track of the signal in the progress tab and then hold on to the currency or sell it based on the advice from the signal as well.

Getting Started with Crypto Trend Rider

  1. Log into the members area to get real-time trading signals from Crypto Trend Rider. Signals will appear on the OPEN tab where you can see them for trading.
  2. There is a time alert to place a trade as it arrives. Just open up an exchange and make the trade according to the signal.
  3. As you trade track the progress of signals through the IN PROGRESS tab based on the checkpoints of the strategy and then close the deal when the progress alert says to.
  4. Closed signals are recorded and tracked in the CLOSED tab. This allows you to focus on winning strategies.


Trading cryptocurrencies isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to keep track of everything and know when the right time to make a move is. Crypto Trend Rider does all the hard work for you allowing you to make smart trading choices at the right time.

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