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Conquering The Coming Collapse has the secret reason why the US economy hasn’t collapsed yet, and when the dollar will turn into dust, and our streets into chaos.

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Conquering The Coming Collapse Review

Have you noticed a discrepancy between government’s official statistics and observable reality?

Do you suspect the government for not just lying, but insidiously falsifying data that point to an unprecedented economic calamity?

With the help of the Conquering the Coming Collapse book, you will discover the real secret reason why the US economy hasn’t collapsed yet, and exactly when the dollar will turn into dust, and our streets into chaos.

If you live off social security, are currently stocked up on ammo, guns and food, or have a tingling suspicion that the government is plotting something sinister, then you need to read this urgent presentation now!

Bill White is an editor of one of the most respected preparedness websites in the world, You may have seen his urgent bulletins on websites like, or

For over a decade Bill has been working hard to give honest Americans like you the knowledge and tools needed to protect our families and survive any crisis: from a natural disaster to a sinister attack on the U.S. grid, while protecting the constitutional rights of true American Patriots from the tyranny of the government.

Government being… government

It turns out, despite positive number reported by the media about the current state of economy, the real economy has more to do with the old USSR than with anything remotely related to a prosperous society.

Take unemployment for instance: The official rate is 7.2%, almost two-thirds the rate it was 4 years ago, yet if you pay attention you may notice that many of your friends and neighbors are still struggling to find a job.

To fix the unemployment rate the government has two big options:

  • Create jobs
  • Change the definition of what unemployment is

As you guessed it, “our” government changed the way unemployment rate is calculated and redefined unemployment as “number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits”. So it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a job since Clinton, in their eyes you are not unemployed.

However, if you use the previous method of calculating unemployment, rate it is at shocking 24%, which is actually more than during the Great Depression!

Inflation is another bogus statistic the government tries to peddle, an official 1.5% inflation rate would make us as stable as Switzerland or Singapore, medical costs would be stable, food prices wouldn’t go through the roof, and utilities would cost what they used to. So, exactly the opposite from what you are seeing on your bills, right?

It is actually quite easy for the government to fudge the inflation rate; all you have to do is leave out items that get more expensive and only focus on those that become cheaper.

If you look at the actual prices, for common foods and gas, the real inflation is about 11% instead of the 1-2% the government is claiming!

Also, have you notices how now companies are selling their products for same price but at smaller volumes? For example, peanut butter companies no longer have flat bottoms on their jars, instead the bottom is concave, leaving less room for your peanut butter. Cereal manufacturers like Kellogg use the same sized box so that the packaging looks the same, except the amount inside has gone down – Kellogg’s Apple Jack has shrunk 15%. The same with toilet paper and a whole range of other products.

All of this means that with each day you are working more for less pay.

Why is the government lying about all of this?

Because what is happening right now is the re-enactment of what happened to the Soviet Union in the 1980s, which operated under massive public deception. Factory managers would send false production reports, showing more than they have done, even despite the fact that Soviet Union produced the worst consumer goods in the world. The collapse of the Soviet Union took everyone by surprise, because by the official numbers the economy was booming.

The exact same thing is happening now in the USA. Everywhere you look productivity is reported as up, unemployment as down, manufacturing as strong, and American wages as increasing.

None of that is true.

The reason why this will happen within the next 6 months is that healthcare costs almost doubled under Obamacare, the latest socialist governmental takeover, and this is according to U.S. government’s own healthcare reporting bureau.

The problem is that, according to Foxnews, 76% of American families already live paycheck to paycheck. For them, adding even $100 to monthly costs would be disastrous. Under Obamacare, yearly costs go up an additional $7450!

All the signs of government collapsing under its own weight are there, which will take out your bank savings with it. Just recall what happened in Greece just recently.

How does one prepare against such an unprecedented calamity?

A start would be to buy precious metals, like gold and silver, assets that have intrinsic value. On the other hand, relying too much on gold and silver can prove deadly; historically they are one of the first things to get seized by the government in times of economic stress.

Another option would be to have a massive stockpile of food, water and guns, and trying to wait the collapse out, but do you remember that gun confiscation will happen in an emergency such as during Hurricane Katrina?

Furthermore, FEMA is allowed to seize your food stockpile in times of a crisis, not to mention that already there are provisions in the law where stockpiling supplies can get you labeled as a terrorist!

Learning the lesson of prior economic collapses

Based on the interviews with economic collapse survivors and their extensive experiences bill created a program that will get you through this.

Even if you have only modest means, if you are too old, think you don’t have enough time or are confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information out there already.

Even if you have no prior prepping knowledge it will be better for you, because you will not have to unlearn all the bad advice that puts you and your family in danger.

Bill extracted all the information needed to cope with the upcoming financial apocalypse in the Conquering The Coming Collapse book:

  • what crucial items to have
  • what items to avoid having
  • how to have consistent food stores in a crisis
  • storing food and water without alerting anyone
  • what to do when guns and ammo aren’t available

Bill White took all of that and much more and organized it into a comprehensive survival plan that would help other families, just like yours, to not only survive the economic collapse but to thrive in its aftermath.

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