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The Carnivore’s Bible is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to know how to properly prepare and store food without having to use additives.

The Carnivore’s Bible Review

It seems like no matter where you go “fast food” is everywhere. Not necessarily places like McDonald’s and Burger King, but even the supermarkets are packed full of preserved and pre-cooked food. It’s making things easier and more convenient, but it’s also damaging our health. Lots of people are adopting the idea of clean and healthy living. Really, it doesn’t matter too much what you eat as long as it’s clean and fresh. The Carnivore’s Bible from James Cole teaches you how to prepare, grow, and store food to have the healthiest meals possible; no matter what you eat.

What is The Carnivore’s Bible?

The Carnivore’s Bible is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to know how to properly prepare and store food without having to use additives. Additives destroy the nutritional value of food and have adverse health effects. Knowing how to prepare food properly will go a long way in your efforts to eat properly, stay healthy, and lose weight.

What you Learn From The Carnivore’s Bible?

  • You’ll learn how to pickle, dry, sundry, salt, dehydrate, smoke, and cure meat to store it almost indefinitely without having to compromise it.
  • Don’t let the name fool you; you’ll also learn how to preserve fruits and vegetables in the long-term to keep them fresh year-round
  • You’ll learn how to preserve milk, eggs, and cheese for up to a year
  • You’ll learn how to grow, store, pickle, and dry mushrooms even if you think you don’t have the room for it
  • You’ll learn how to prepare juicy and delicious meals with the products you’ve preserved, with over 50 unique recipes included in the guide
  • You’ll learn how to drastically reduce your monthly grocery bill
  • You’ll learn ancient meat preservation methods that ensure you can enjoy pork, beef, link sausages, and more whenever you want without the need for chemicals, preservatives, chemicals, or even refrigeration
  • You’ll learn how to prepare everything on your back yard in just one afternoon
  • You’ll learn how to get rid of all the toxic canned food from the supermarket, and start preserving your own delicious fruits and vegetables. James Cole teamed up with a trapper called Rick and learned a technique for canning food to kill off bacteria and parasites
  • You’ll learn how to prepare yourself to stay happy, healthy, and well-fed during any disaster situation. Your cellar will be well-stocked with food and you’ll know how to keep more when the time comes.


If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-follow guide that will teach you everything you need to preserve and store food without the need for additives and chemicals, then you should check out The Carnivore’s Bible. James Cole already knew a lot about food, but he learned so much more with the help of his trapper friend Rick. Now they’re willing to teach you everything they know so you can enjoy delicious and natural food whenever you want. This guide can help you prepare for disaster, or just keep yourself and your family healthy.

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