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Brain Training for Dogs is designed to gradually increase the intelligence, awareness, and problem solving ability of your dog.

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Brain Training for Dogs Review

They mean it when they say that dogs truly are man’s best friend. There’s nothing like a faithful canine companion. Dogs can come with some problems though, chief amongst which is having to train them. Training a dog can be difficult at the best of times, but there are some dogs who need a little extra help. Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli is for any dog – and their owner – that needs some extra help with training.

What Is Brain Training For Dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is a program designed to improve the mental capacities of your dog. It basically makes it smarter. One problem with modern dogs is that they can be under-stimulated mentally and it makes them bored, which causes destructive behavior. Making a dog better able to think and work things out also makes them easier to train. Smart dogs understand what you want them to do faster and giving a dog regular mental stimulation keeps them happy and healthy.

How Brain Training for Dogs is Structured

The program is designed to gradually increase the intelligence, awareness, and problem solving ability of your dog. It develops them mentally and physically and improves the bond you have with them while making sure both of you have lots of fun.

Brain Training for Dogs is structured similar to human schools. Things start out at the “preschool” level with simple games designed for puppies and adult dogs. The games get more challenging as dogs move through elementary, high school, college, university, and graduation “school”. The highest level is the Einstein level.

There’s also a section on obedience training including teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and more. Each section also has an “exam” for grading your dog’s progress so you know if they’re ready for the next level. The tests, games, and training rely on verbal markers, praise, and food rewards for dogs.

Brain Training for Dogs includes a section on training with a clicker. This is a small device that makes a noise when pressed and they are used instead of verbal markers to train dogs. The click should be followed by a treat. The section has a lot of detail and explains how and why you should consider using a clicker.

Each chapter comes with videos of the games being performed by Adrienne Farricelli and her dogs so you know what to do, and a “troubleshooting” section where you can find solutions to any problems you run into. Adrienne is also available for direct email support in case you can’t find the solution to your problem.

Money-Back Guarantee

Playing games with a dog is a great way to bond with them and have fun, and now Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs adds some extra value by making it educational. One thing to keep in mind with this program is that it’s not a generic training program. The obedience training section is kept short and only covers the basics. This is about making your dog smarter, which can help with a lot of other things – including obedience training – but by itself is not quite enough to make them obedient. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Adrienne Farricelli to get a full refund.

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