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Blood Sugar Premier is designed to support blood glucose levels, formulated by Dr. Ryan Shelton and Zenith Labs.

What is Blood Sugar Premier?

Blood sugar or also called glucose is the main sugar found in blood and is the body’s main source of energy. It is controlled and regulated by the pancreas gland. Some conditions may affect the pancreas and the production of insulin, leading to imbalance in blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Premier is a supplement which supports blood sugar already in the normal range and reduces blood sugar spikes. Blood Sugar Premier is developed by Zenith Labs in a state of the art facility using a blend of all natural ingredients.

Blood Sugar Premier Ingredients

The supplement is made from natural herbs, minerals and other nutrients and works gently by helping the body’s natural systems. The key ingredients of the supplement are:

  • Berberine – A natural compound found in the roots of the barberry plant. The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences ran a study which found that berberine lowers inflammation in patients with high blood sugar. Another study found that berberine breaks down fat in the pancreas.
  • Turmeric – A root-based herb similar to ginger. A medical study from the Department of Food Science in South Korea, found that people who eat foods containing turmeric have lower glucose levels.
  • Bioperine – A nutrient derived from black pepper. Studies from the University of Texas discovered that it helps your body use turmeric more effectively, for more powerful blood sugar support.

Blood sugar premier also includes a blend of specially selected herbs, vitamins and minerals that is designed to maximize the effects of Berberine, Turmeric and Bioperine.

Money-back Guarantee

Zenith Labs also offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee on the Blood Sugar Premier. In case you are not satisfied with the product you get a 100% refund on it.

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