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Blood Sugar Breakthrough is designed to help your body to re-balance itself around your optimum blood sugar levels.

What is Blood Sugar Breakthrough?

Blood Sugar Breakthrough helps safely manage your blood sugar after meals. It is a dietary supplement that aims to correct crippled carb cycles and helps to get rid of the carbs you eat.

With the continuous use, Blood Sugar Breakthrough aims to:

  • Promote normal blood sugar levels
  • Give you all-day energy
  • Prevent post-meal brain fog and improve mental clarity
  • And eventually avoid long-term concerns including lack of sleep and obesity.

Who created Blood Sugar Breakthrough?

Blood Sugar Breakthrough has been created by Matt Gallant at BiOptimizers, and Dr. David who formulated this supplement, along with other experts who deal with blood sugar challenges.

What are the ingredients?

Blood Sugar Breakthrough contains 13 clinically-researched ingredients:

  1. Pure Mediterranean Propolis – This ancient healer helps animate the polyphenol that aids in fighting diseases and reinstate glucose metabolism. It is believed by researchers that this ancient healer aids in reducing Fructosamine levels.
  2. Glycostat – Glycostat is unlike the usual melon, it is purified melon extract that supports the functions of insulin.
  3. Berberine – Berberine has been used in Ayurveda and Chinese medication for centuries now. It helps ensure a healthy insulin sensitivity and body fat levels.
  4. Cinnulin PF – Cinnulin PF shields your body against unwelcomed toxins and also aids in managing the level of blood glucose and increasing insulin sensitivity.
  5. Chromium Picolinate – Known as the glucose regulator, Chromium escalates the body’s response when met with insulin. The research conducted shows the amplification of lean tissue in a good way can be obtained with help of Chromium.
  6. InnoSlim – InnoSlim is 100% plant-derived and promotes healthy metabolism. It ultimately leads to a dive in the absorption of glucose through intestines, thereby supporting weight loss.
  7. Benfotiamine – It stimulates the transketolase enzyme which is responsible for the transformation of sugar into energy packages. Its components help reduce cell death and resist the inflammation of brain cells.
  8. Fucoxanthin – Known to boost the interaction between cells that raise the level of growth pertaining to muscles. It incorporates antioxidants and promotes the growth of them.
  9. Gymnema Leaf Extract – Gymnema affects the insulin secretion and seeks to control obesity. It causes inhibition of glucose through the small intestine.
  10. Banaba leaf extract – GlucoFit’s prime ingredient incorporates a potent degree of corosolic acid that helps control blood sugar. It aids the coursing of glucose through the bloodstream to cells.
  11. Biotin – Biotin assists to catalyze carbs when needed after meals and dispose of carbohydrates.
  12. Sea Buckthorn – Used in Ancient China and Tibet, its antioxidant capabilities are deemed to be 70 times more potent than vitamin C.
  13. Alpha R-Lipoic Acid – Helps to improve blood vessel function and aims to boost fat metabolism.

Money-back Guarantee

BiOptimizer Blood Sugar Breakthrough comes with a money-back guarantee: You have 365 days to decide. If you’re not satisfied, you will be fully refunded.

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