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Ageless Multi-Collagen is a protein powder sourced from different animals, with no synthetic proteins or collagens.

BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen Overview

If you’re looking for a fountain of youth, then collagen might be the answer. The problem is that not all collagen is created equal. Most people are aware that collagen keeps skin healthy and taut, but what they don’t know is there are five different kinds of collagen. The Ageless Multi-Collagen from BioTRUST is a protein powder supplement that is built to contain all the collagen you need.

What is Ageless Multi-Collagen?

Ageless Multi-Collagen is a protein powder sourced from different animals, with no synthetic proteins or collagens. This makes the powder more effective. The animals used for the collagen are all kept in good quality environments and are nourished to get the purest collagen possible to improve flexibility, improve skin firmness, strengthen joints, and more.

How Does BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen Work?

The main aim of the collagen protein powder is to give your body the collagen that you aren’t getting from your diet. Given that your body produces less collagen as you get older, the formula is designed to restore optimal collagen levels.

The collagen in the formula comes from four sources, including bovine, fish, chicken, and eggs. These four sources are responsible for providing you with all five major kinds of collagen you need. The five kinds of collagen found in the powder are:

  • Type I – for skin, organs, tendons, and bone tissue
  • Type II – for the cartilage around your body
  • Type III – for the reticular fibers between the areas of the body covered by type I
  • Type V – for hair, cell surfaces, and the placenta for pregnant women
  • Type X – for creating and healing bone tissue

Money-Back Guarantee

You can enjoy plenty of benefits by including BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen into your diet. There are several supplements and creams out there that promise to increase collagen production, being able to consume it like this might be one of the most effective ways to get the support you want and need. If your body isn’t looking, feeling, and working like it used to then it could be time for you to try this collagen protein powder. See what it can do for you today. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact BioTRUST to get a full refund.

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