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Bar Brothers The System is a step-by-step body transforming calisthenics program and a community that is there for each other when needed most.

Bar Brothers The System Review

The Bar Brothers movement was set up by two guys from DC and it continues to grow and gain popularity. It’s about coming together and working together to achieve a goal and find a purpose and point in life.

The founders were two people who found themselves as outsiders. They felt different than the people around them, and were brought together by chance and really hit it off. They understood eachother and also understood that one of the key ways to gain muscle is by using a bar. That’s all you need.

A bar works out all of the muscles in your body rather than focusing on a specific one. You can do a wide number of exercises on them that develop all your muscles. Through exercise they grew as people and gained the confidence to be who they were.

It was through this shared experience that they created Bar Brothers – The System. They knew that it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are. What matters is where you’re going. Bar Brothers The System isn’t about race, or even sex (despite the word “Brothers” being in the name). It’s about improving yourself and your life.

When you exercise you take yourself seriously and you force the people around you to take you seriously too. You think better of someone who has the dedication to themselves it takes to be in shape. It’s not that difficult to get in shape. You don’t even need a gym. All you need is a bar and the world is filled with them.

The Bar Brothers exercises let you work out no matter where you are. Is there something above you that you can hang off of and pull yourself up with? Get up there. Whether it be a traffic light, scaffolding, or a jungle gym in a playground. There are tons of bars all around us in our lives.

When you exercise you don’t just strengthen your body but you strengthen your mind. You see the world for how it really is. You see that the person you like can, and probably will, like you back. You get the confidence you need to go for and get that job. Improving one aspect of your life can really improve other aspects.

The creators began with just a Youtube channel. They wanted to just say to the world “Hey we did it and you can too.” When people took notice and were inspired, they decided to go even further and inspire as many people as possible.

Bar Brothers has developed over the past four years to what it is today, and it continues to grow and develop. Now it’s a worldwide movement of people who understand what they need to do it. It’s people who are committed to using the bars they find in their lives to literally and figuratively rise above the world and not let it bring them down.

Bar Brothers The System is more than just an exercise or self-help program. It’s a movement. It’s a family. It’s a community that is there for each other when needed most. And they’d be proud to have you join their ranks.

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