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Back Pain SOS is based on a natural approach to treating back pain, called the Sequential Oxygen System.

What Is Back Pain SOS?

Back Pain SOS is a complete guide presented as a video course that shows you a total of 100 stretches, poses, movements, and pressure points that assists in easing your chronic back pain.

Talking about the source of this condition, it is necessary to know that there is one region that plays an important role in unlocking the back pain. It’s your back’s sacral region or sacral plexus that connects the most part of your soft tissue (nerves, muscles and tendons). It works as the “Control Center” of your back.

Then we have the soft tissue hypoxia. This occurs when because of soft tissue constriction, the cells in your soft tissue run out of oxygen. The chronic muscle constriction blocks the flow of blood to and from those cells, so prolonged hypoxia makes your tendons and muscles miss their elasticity, pliability and their ability to function correctly.

All of this creates unnatural and undue pressure on the nerves flowing through your sacrum, and that’s how chronic back pain commence. According to Virgil Pruteanu, to aid the relief of back pain you need to re-introduce oxygen to tendons and muscles and is in that process that the stretches of Back Pain SOS will assist.

Who Is Virgil Pruteanu?

Virgil Pruteanu is an Olympic recovery specialist with experience helping people to heal from back pain. He created Back Pain SOS based on a natural approach developed by him called the “Sequential Oxygen System” or SOS SYSTEM.

This is a sequence of stretches and movements intended to progressively unlock and open up hypoxic cells and raise circulation to sequentially get more oxygen. This process starts in the sacrum and then it extends all over your back, alleviating your back pain.

Which Are the Modules of Back Pain SOS?

  • SOS Solo Sequence – here you can find sequences that you can do by yourself at any place. It includes different movements and stretches, also specific breathing techniques to stimulate the oxygenation of your soft tissue and a section that may aid you get into and stay in a mindset focused in healing.
  • SOS Partner Sequence – this module includes stretches, movements, and massage techniques that you can do with a partner at home.
  • SOS Massage Tools for Pain Relief – in this section, Virgil will show you a set of simple tools that may assist you to relieve your back pain. Virgil will explain the right way to use each one in order to obtain maximum efficacy.
  • How to Find SOS Back Pain Allies – this module provides you with a list of “qualifying questions” (and their answers) that you can ask any professional.

Money Back Guarantee

Virgil offers you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If in this lapse of time you are not satisfied with the results, or if you don’t feel your back pain is eased, you only have to let Virgil know sending an e-mail, and you will receive a 100% refund of your money.

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