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Back Pain Breakthrough details a unique method of handling back pain called Targeted Spinal Release to relieve pain.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Anyone that has suffered from chronic back pain knows how debilitating it can be. If you’ve been to every doctor, therapist, masseuse, and chiropractor you can find and you still have back pain problems you might be ready to give up. Dr. Steve Young has what might be the solution to your problems with his Back Pain Breakthrough.

What is the Back Pain Breakthrough?

According to the official website, The Back Pain Breakthrough is a program for treating back pain that is based on scientific evidence. It was put together by Dr. Steve Young, who was inspired by a drawing from Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal. The guide details a unique method of handling back pain called Targeted Spinal Release that aligns your spine to relieve pain. It doesn’t require any equipment and can be done from the comfort of home.

How Does Back Pain Breakthrough Work?

The Back Pain Breakthrough by Dr. Steve Young utilizes a three-step targeted spinal release formula aiming to eliminate back pain.

  1. The first step is taking 10 minutes every day to use the Target Spinal Release for spinal realignment. It releases the pressure on the three most stubborn pain joints. Realigning your spine like this helps to reduce most of the tension in your back and get instant relief.
  2. The second step is about tackling those times in the day where you get stiff and tight. These moments are caused by your spine shifting out of alignment again. Combat this through the 30-second movement taught through the second step. This movement can be used whenever and wherever you want to instantly get your spine back into position for instant pain relief.
  3. The third and final step is a special movement that you can do during important moments in the day, such as when lying down in bed or standing up out of a chair, to strengthen your spine and protect it from further damage. There’s a major risk of doing extra damage to your spine at these moments, but this third movement keeps it safe. It’s also so simple that you can do it without anyone noticing.

What do You Get With the Back Pain Breakthrough?

  • Instant access to The Complete Back Pain Solution
  • The 6-part video masterclass of Back Pain Breakthrough
  • Learn the Targeted Spinal Release technique across the six videos
  • The Targeted Spinal Release; the Manual
  • The Advanced Healing Techniques ebook that shows you how to customize the program to your needs for better and more effective results


The Back Pain Breakthrough comes recommended for those dealing with back pain. The program is shown to help align the spine and relieve pain, as maintained by Dr. Steve Young. The best part of the program might be the money-back guarantee though. If you aren’t satisfied with the results for any reason, simply contact Dr. Steve Young to arrange a full refund.

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