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Awakened Millionaire Academy puts your mind on a path to prosperity, by eliminating the false narrative of conflict between material wealth and spirituality

Awakened Millionaire Academy Review

Governments hate independency, which is why we have government schools, to infuse you with a set of beliefs that makes you act below your potential, and to skew your notions of wealth and your relationship with money.

When you are wealthy, you are independent, and that is the worst case scenario for the government. By being wealthy you accrue value not only for yourself, but for other people as well, which puts you in a position where you are able to supplant government services, which they hijacked and monopolized.

Awakened Millionaire Academy program is created for the sole purpose of shedding those shackles of indoctrination you got from as early on as kindergarten. Its intention is to put your mind on a path to prosperity, by eliminating the false narrative of conflict between material wealth and spirituality, between wealth and virtue.

These notions are deeply imbedded into your subconscious by years of institutionalized government schooling and only a few people are able to resist its call. You may have noticed that these super-successful people regularly drop out, from either high school or college.

In today’s world of decentralized information in the form of internet, where every knowledge and skill development is just a matter of choice, instead of cost, this is more pertinent than ever.

These subconscious beliefs automatically inform your actions, your choices and eventually form bad habits. You have then created a barrier to prosperity, without even realizing it is there, let alone knowing how to break it.

Awakened Millionaire Academy enables you to:

  • See and understand your money hang-ups. Only when these issues are transparent will you be able to tackle them head on.
  • Find your purpose and fuse it with the goal of making money, so they have the common cause.
  • Unlock the 15 elements Awakened Millionaire Mindset.
  • How to see opportunities through the lens of your new mindset.
  • How to build the building blocks that form new, healthy and productive habits.
  • How to intrinsically link wealth, spirituality and emotional wellbeing, thus boosting your productive energy and creativity.
  • How to achieve the initial motivation-boosting results right now.

How does it work?

You will receive 15 modules, each containing 10 minute-long training videos. The whole experience is “gamified” in order to make it fun and engaging. All of the program is also mobile friendly, so you won’t be stuck at your computer.

You will get access to a private Facebook group to share experiences and ideas. Success of each person will be shared and analyzed.

The most effective form of learning is combining the conscious learning with the subconscious, so each module will include a mental programming audio that serves to implant core precepts into your subconscious mind.

If you already lead a busy life, don’t worry as each module will unlock after the previous one is completed and adopted.

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