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Joint Regen Supplement is the one of the first comprehensive joint medications that benefits the entire joint to treat joint pain, made by AS Research.

AS Research Joint Regen Review

If you have joint pain problems then you’ll be interested to know that the pain actually has very little to do with your joints. No matter what your joint pain problems are they can be helped with the power of Joint Regen by Rick Gray, the owner of AS Research.

While there are plenty of joint medications on the market there are some that are more effective than others depending on the reason for your joint pain. Sometimes you could have enough cartilage but your joints aren’t lubricated enough, which is when medicines such as Glucosamine and Chondriotin can be beneficial. AS Research’s Joint Regen supplement is the first comprehensive joint medication that benefits the entire joint to effectively treat joint pain. Rick and the team at AS Research pored through the research and found the most effective ingredients and supplements for relieving joint pain.

They were able to find all of these ingredients and they combined them to create Joint Regen. One of the key ingredients of Joint Regen is Glucosamine Sulfate HCL. The body uses this chemical to create many other chemicals that are used to create tendons, ligaments, cartilage and the lubricating fluid that keeps joints moving. You can get these benefits from glucosamine but they are more effective when it is made into glucosamine sulfate.

Another key ingredient is Chondriotin Sulfate. Chondrioitin sulfate is commonly use with glucosamine and is a slower-acting agent that is used to treat osteoarthritis. It reduces the effects of osteoarthritis over a long period of time and it is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as chondoprotective effects.

Shark cartilage is another of the main ingredients of Joint Regen by ASR. It is believed to be able to treat the symptoms and causes of arthritis because it can be used to repair the cartilage, reduce swelling and inflammation, and keep your joints lubricated. This improves comfort, flexibility and mobility of joints.

Another ingredient used to keep joints lubricated and reduce inflammation is cetyl myristoleate. This ingredient also boosts the immune system, making it an ideal treatment to reduce the inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

Joint Regen supplement is also rich in vitamins and precious metals. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Many are familiar with vitamin C but they don’t understand just what it can do for their health. It is primarily used to produce collagen, which can then be used to keep joints healthy. It also flushes free radicals out of the body. These free radicals cause a lot of damage to all cells and can really damage your joints. The antioxidant ingredients of Joint Regen, including vitamin C, are what make it so effective.

AS Research Joint Regen also contains manganese, zinc, copper, and chromium. These trace elements all help to keep your joints healthy in some form or fashion. No matter what kind of joint problem you have one of the ingredients in Joint Regen can treat it. By combining them like this Rick really has created a comprehensive all-in-one solution to joint pain.

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