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Alive After The Fall has several prophecies which foretell that a great tragedy that will shake the world, developed by the theology professor Alexander Cain.

Alive After The Fall Review

Alive After The Fall book is a prophetic text written by University Theology Professor Alexander Cain, concerning the end times foretold in the bible and how you can avoid the pitfalls that will come with the end of days. This program is the end result of multiple years of research into biblical prophecy and it can help you to live a relatively happy and healthy life after the fall of mankind.

Alive After The Fall Book - Prologue

Theology Professor Alexander Cain teaches in Arkansas and has a doctorate degree in theology, as well as ancient history, and he used these two fields of study to write “Alive After The Fall” book. He has spent nearly his entire life studying the Bible and related texts and this led him to his near miraculous discovery.

Through his studies of the Bible, Professor Cain was always perplexed by the fact that neither United States nor South America was mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Eventually he came to a realization: that the United States is mentioned in the Bible but in a coded name.

His hypothesis compares the current day United States of America to the ancient wicked kingdom of Babylon. He also deduced that due to our wicked ways and ignoring the Bible and other scripture, the United States will be beset with a terrible tragedy that will begin in the United States and spread throughout the entire world.

Luckily this tragedy will only hurt the wicked and the non-believers. In the book Alive After The Fall you can learn how to be one of the lucky few who survives this terrible disaster to repopulate the Earth in the true God’s image.

Alive After The Fall - Jerusalem

Alive After The Fall is literally a step-by-step manual to surviving the apocalypse. Professor Cain goes over what you as a Christian need to do before, after and during the end times. This ranges from what supplies to stock to what parts of the world will be safe.

You will also be given a great deal of spiritual instruction for the end times – how to pray, when to pray, and many other extremely valuable tips.

What You’ll Get From Alive After The Fall

  • The book will help you survive after the great cataclysm.
  • It will guide you spiritually from now all the way to the end times.
  • While you can use other texts to prepare, everything is put together for you in this easy book.
  • You will save a great deal of money you would have wasted purchasing unnecessary supplies.

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    History repeats itself, what we’re about to go through has happened countless times already. I’ll be ready.

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