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Abundant Mind aims at transforming your subconscious to affect real change from within.

Abundant Mind Review

Do you ever feel like you are a victim of your own history and circumstances? Do you have that nagging feeling that you should change and neutralize the mark of history upon you in order to become the best you could have been?

Few people do not feel that way, but those who do lack the knowledge on how to affect that desired change. After all, neuroscience certainly has taught us at this stage that the subconscious is the driver behind the wheel of our identity.

To unlock this potential that has been stolen from you, some praise-worthy attempts already transpired. You might have heard of the best-selling book – Law of Attraction, which purports to be able to:

  • Attract the life you’ve always needed
  • Attract more financial resources into your life
  • Attract more bliss
  • Attract boundless plenitude
  • Attract the ideal relationship
  • Attract a sound body and mind

Law of Attraction works by enabling you to rein in your subconscious through visualizations, thus affecting your attitudes and behaviors that you are not even aware of.

Unfortunately, this does not work like flipping a switch, so up to 83% of people who try it fail and end up giving up, returning to their lives of drudgery and unexplored potential.

The Abundant Mind program of videos sets to rectify this problem by improving on the methods, making them more efficient and above all else – easier to implement.

These videos are a set of instruments with which you will be able to finally re-program your subconscious mind and steer your emotions and thoughts onto the most productive paths.

Abundant Mind visualization videos are based on sound scientific approach and can be grouped into 4 techniques of achieving the goal of transforming your subconscious to affect real change from within:

  1. High-grade themed video imagery – Consisting of full motion sequences and emotion-triggering imagery. This is a proven, long-standing process that invokes powerful thoughts and emotions in order to attract what you most desire and need: love, health, money…it associates visualizations with a targeted emotional state to effectively jumpstart the transformation of your subconscious.
  2. Meditative audio soundtrack with special effects – Visualization is rendered useless if it is not accompanied with the ability to absorb sense data. This method allows that to happen via 3D spatial soundtrack which induces meditative state, insuring that your mind is open and undistracted.
  3. Brainwave entrainment through binaural beats – Going back to distant 1800’s, binaural beats are used to mimic the frequency of your brainwaves. Consequently, this will entrain your mind to each specific frequency related to each visualization video, further ensuring that the absorption of all visual and audio reprogramming of your subconscious is maximized.
  4. Audio and visual subliminal commands – Serving as a form of hypnosis, both audio and visual subliminal commands, will systematically transform the framework of your thinking and emotion processing, giving you access to new values and behaviors. These commands are designed to completely bypass your conscious mind. In unison with other three methods, your attraction of abundance is guaranteed.

Within a week everyone around you will begin to see the new you, radiant and confident.

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