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7 Steps To Health is a guide to reversing Type-2 Diabetes and getting more out of your body in general, written by Max Sidorov, the founder of the ICTM.

7 Steps To Health Review

Type-2 Diabetes is becoming a major health issue these days. Especially with the rise in Obesity as the two problems are linked. Type-2 Diabetes, unlike Type-1, is something that you get rather than something you are born with. There are a number of causes but the main one is obesity. There also used to be only one “cure”, which was insulin shots. That is until now.

The International Council for Truth in Medicine, a consortium of doctors looking to correct the lies perpetuated by the medical field, have set their sights on Diabetes. Already they have helped over 15,000 people overcome Type-2 Diabetes and this year they hope to help double that number; including you.

The truth is that Diabetes isn’t the incurable monster that your doctor will tell you that it is. Type-2 Diabetes can be prevented. Better than that, it can be cured. There has been research done that shows this. It is entirely possible for people suffering from Type-2 Diabetes to lower their dependence on medicine and even outright remove it and normalise their body. They just have to be shown how.

The methods laid out by the ICTIM have been able to help even those with Type-1 Diabetes, a condition seen as far more dangerous and unavoidable than Type-2. This is all scientifically proven and backed up by research performed by a number of universities and is compiled by well qualified doctors who are just tired of the truth being hidden in the name of profit. Why cure something when you can make so much more managing it?

Living with Diabetes is not something you want to do if you can avoid it. Diabetes is a terrible condition that does far more than just limit what you can eat. It causes heart disease, kidney failure, depression, and can even cause you to slip into a coma or have to lose a limb to an amputation. Diabetes is deadly and if you have it you need to get rid of it. Fast.

That’s where 7 Steps To Health comes in. 7 Steps to Health is a guide to reversing Type-2 Diabetes and getting more out of your body in general. You should never neglect your health or underestimate what being healthy can do for you. If you’re worried about getting Type-2 Diabetes then you can benefit from this guide just as much. Prevention is always better than a cure after all.

7 Steps to Health has been put together using all of this Diabetes research. It’s compiled by doctors who know exactly what they are talking about. They are well informed about Diabetes and they want you to be too. It’s only by being informed that you can overcome it.

7 Steps to Health shows you the foods you should eat more of, as well as the ones to avoid. It’ll teach you more about Diabetes and how to take care of yourself than any GP or family doctor ever will. Best of all your satisfaction is guaranteed and if it doesn’t help you’re eligible for a complete refund within sixty days. Type-2 Diabetes isn’t a life sentence. Don’t let it be a death sentence either.

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  1. 7 Steps To Health
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    The book itself is no doubt a very interesting read and helps with the diabetes.

  2. 7 Steps To Health
    5 out of 5


  3. 7 Steps To Health
    4 out of 5

    Some radical ideas about food and diet.

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