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2020 Protocol is a program designed to pave the way for better eyesight, created by Dr. David Lewis.

2020 Protocol Review

Have you noticed that your eyesight isn’t what it used to be? Are you just worried about your eyesight? If so, then you should consider the 2020 Protocol. The system is a great solution for fixing and improving vision. The protocol is designed by experienced optometrist Dr. David Lewis, who has nearly four decades of experience. 2020 Protocol takes a healthy and natural approach to resolving eyesight problems and improving overall eye health.

What is the 2020 Protocol?

Most people are under the impression that their eye muscles can never be repaired once damaged; that lost eyesight is lost forever. This is because there is indeed a barrier that prevents muscle repair in the eyes, but 2020 Protocol is about opening up that barrier and fixing eyesight. It uses charts and exercises that are designed to make your eyes and mind work together; allowing you to track colors, details, movements, and light with your eyes. The protocol also comes with a 10-day nutrition plan to give your eyes all the healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to work properly.

How Does 2020 Vision Work?

The majority of treatments in the e-book are built around doing regular eye exercises. The rest is built around eating the right foods and nutrients that are good for eyesight.

Have you ever noticed that you can see better when squinting? The 2020 Protocol takes a similar approach. By regularly performing these eye exercises, you can strengthen your eye muscles to improve vision over time. As well as exercise, you’ll also be eating some foods that are good for eyesight including almonds, fatty fish, eggs, citrus, and leafy greens.

2020 Protocol is a vision program designed to pave the way for better eyesight. The ten-day program shows you how to wake up your eyes and exercise them properly to improve vision. It contains optical graphics and recovery exercises that train your eyes to work together – and with your brain – to avoid blurry vision or vision distortion.

The nutrition plan in 2020 Vision unlocks the bridge in the blood-brain barrier to allow nutrients to flow into the eyes and heal the damage that has accumulated there. This is why eye muscles generally can’t repair or strengthen themselves. This is the pathway that the protocol opens up for you.

The protocol comes with a full 10-day meal plan that includes all of the items you need to get the right vitamins for your eyes to open this bridge, and the essential nutrients your eyes need once that path is open.

To put it simply; it combines the right food with the right exercises to unlock eye muscles and strengthen them for improved vision.


The techniques in the manual are formulated by a qualified and experienced optometrist to get your eyes working together. The system is also super easy to use. Just open up the e-book, read it, and follow along. If you have any problems at all with the 2020 Vision protocol, just get in touch with Dr. Lewis to arrange a refund.

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