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10 Minute Awakening is an audio program designed to activate specific regions of your brain and generate a special vibrational pattern.

What Is 10 Minute Awakening?

The 10 minute Awakening is an audio program designed to activate specific regions of your brain and generate a special vibrational pattern that will attract positive things in life.

It is based on the principle of Vibrational Phenomenon, which takes into consideration the relationship between spaces between matter (where there’s approx. 99% of empty space and 1% actual matter) and their vibrational patterns which define their interconnected structure, where the positive energy vibrations tend to attract positive things and events to one’s life, while the opposite happens with negative energy vibrations.

Components Of The 10 Minute Awakening

In order to elicit positive effects from the Vibrational Phenomenon, the 10 minute Awakening program is divided in 3 weeks of 10 minutes-a-day practices which tackles the conscious and subconscious mind:

  1. This week’s practice is focused on entering your subconscious mind and reaching deep within with the help of Alpha and Theta-inducing practices with guided meditations. These will elicit learning, focus, calmness and rapid changes deep in your brain.
  2. This week’s practice is focused on figuring out your subconscious belief system, uncovering the pain and stressors you’re carrying with you.
  3. During this week you’ll begin your permanent and magical transformation. You’ll build up your dream life in vivid detail, creating a life story that vividly connects with your True Destiny, so you can walk your unique path to success and happiness.

How 10 Minute Awakening Works

The 10 minute Awakening audio program is specifically designed to take into consideration the Vibrational Phenomenon, which implies that the success and happiness are, like everything on the universe, vibrational-aware situations, and happiness and, with the proper stimulus and the proper guidance, by deliberately training your subconscious mind (which commands around 95% of your brain) to allow you to behave and think in ways that will positively influence and attract these situations, while providing the correct vibrational mental patterns that will attract these things to you.

However, since the subconscious mind is often filled with counter-intuitive patterns of thought (i.e., negative, self-defeating, self-pitying thoughts), your mind cannot vibrate to the appropriate state on which happiness, abundance and wealth are found.

So, in order to take advantage of the Vibrational Phenomenon, this program is designed to tackle those subconscious issues while instructing you how to vibrate at the rate of success and happiness, thanks to highly condensed 10 minute daily sessions specially designed for this matter.

Money Back Guarantee

Most likely, you’re not going to need it, for this product is designed to be an epic life-changing experience on its own; however, if you don’t feel satisfied with your results or deem it was not worth your money, you can get a full refund for your money within the first 60 days of the purchase.

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